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    Don’t know why the world judges people appearance without knowing them, Don’t know why without understanding someones personality, we hate their very existence,  When ever they try to reach out for help,  We rebuke them, …

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    Because giving up is not an option!

    The secret to success is a combination of a few elements. First, it’s your own level of expectations. You have to learn to be happy with certain things you have achieved so far. It’s almost impossible to accomplish all the things you aimed in life; so you have to learn…
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    Eternal Love!

    It’s not a perfect love story.  In fact it’s an incomplete one. Left to be never completed in this lifetime. It was a dream and near too impossible. But as it entered my life, I started chasing more dreams. God grants you things when you need them the most. Deep…
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    Water + Fire = Love


    Love is the water of life and the lover is the sole of fire. Universe turns differently when fire loves water.  A life without love is of no count.  Don’t ask yourself what kind of love you should seek. Spiritual or material, Divine or Maintained.  p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px…
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    What makes you perfect?

    Well, I am not perfect and I carry all my imperfections as a medal. I accept and celebrate my imperfections and yes that makes me also vulnerable. Does it pain? Yes, it pains. When those imperfections lead to failures, setbacks, and losses. I don’t know what being perfect is like…but…
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    The very Indian in me says this….

    Today back home, we are celebrating our 70thIndependence Day in India. For me it was an emotional roller costar day. I was missing home, was happy seeing the flag hosting pictures, school celebration social media post and our leaders inspiring talks etc. I have been living away from India for…
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    Debuted on Medium


    Hi all,
    I debuted on Medium today, with my first post called, “Brand Stories”.
    You can follow me here: https://t.co/lsGHZeCQvw

    See you there :)…

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    To all the Internet haters.


    To all the Internet haters, They say, “I lack Indian Values, have no Indian Culture, Are you really an Indian?” I wonder why they feel it’s ok to slash someone openly on Social Media without even making an attempt to know them? This couldn’t be more far from …

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    The real deal about dreaming?

    Today, I did post on Instagram my picture with a quote saying, “I am grateful for each breath in and out”.

    One of my Insta friend said “Life in every breath”. As we started conversing he also shared one of his readings, which goes like this …

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    It’s such a simple word and equally difficult to triumph. Why do I say so? Well, because I wonder Is it something that I need to chase? Is it something with in me to feel? Is it something that I need to pursuit? Is it something that I need to
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    Meizu at MWC 2017


    Meizu Showcases World’s Quickest Fast Charging Solution with Temperature Control at Mobile World Congress 2017
    BARCELONA, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2017. Leading smartphone manufacturer Meizu unveiled its latest cutting-edge fast charging solution at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2017 in Hall 7, Stand 7K5. Overcoming a major technological barrier, Meizu introduces the third generation…
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    Dubai Bash – Photo Blog


    There is so much written and said about traveling to Dubai. What more can I say? Maybe how I felt or what all I saw? So I have decided to cover this travel journey via photo blog – the pictures I clicked as I was exploring this land. So I…
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    Dear 2016!

    Dear 2016, I welcomed you with a great bang along with the people I loved the most in my life. I didn’t expect much & if you ask me, I really don’t remember asking you anything or wishing anything very specific. Because, I was happy then and didn’t want to…
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    50 reasons why I love China

    It’s in total 6 months of me living in China & I have gathered these below 50 reasons why I love my stay in china. All the below reasons are based on my experiences that I have encountered in Shenzhen & Beijing: Getting all the attention in public places for…
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    This & That Shenzhen

    All that it takes to keep our city clean Work…Work…Work Tech Expo Why do we prefer our phones over real human interaction? You will find artist all around the town This is how a veggie like me survives in Shenzhen. No matter what time it is …. lets work towards staying…
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    Rebag: Suitability Design Story

    I happened to hear Yi Wang today who is a social enterprise working on sustainability fashion. She is an inspiring woman who has founded Rebag. Here is her story: What is Rebag? Rebag is a social enterprise and creative accessories brand which discovers and integrates different elements of fabric, techniques,…
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    Garrett Gee is living the idea Dream!

    I wonder at times how can someone be living such a perfect life when I heard & got to know Garrett Gee! To introduce him in short – “He is an entrepreneur who sold his Scan app to Snapchat for $54 Million and is now travelling the world with his…
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    Garrett Gee is living the idea ream!

    I wonder at times how can someone be living such a perfect life when I heard & got to know Garrett Gee! To introduce him in short – “He is an entrepreneur who sold his Scan app to Snapchat for $54 Million and is now travelling the world with his…
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    Internet Report 2016

    The “Queen of the Internet” Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report released today at the 2016 General Assembly in the US.

    Below is the quick summary of the report with the highlights:
    The number of Internet users worldwide exceeded 3 billion, an increase of 9 percent over the previous year, the…
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    Instagram at Green Room

    Me and couple of my friends in Shenzhen planned to visit today Green Room where they were hosting Instagreen Party! I am writing this post not because we had lots of fun…because I loved the concept how Social element was well integrated in food & beverage space. So the concept…
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    Long overdue – let’s catch up

    Let me see, so much has been happening since my last post, which was about M2M. I can assure you I’m as random as ever. Lets go month by month and pick out the highlights! 

    I was very particular about not sharing too much personal stuff on my blog…guess I…
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    Quick bite on Machine to Machine (M2M)

    It’s not been very long since I have entered the Telecom space; but I am extremely impressed to see the incredible work done by Vodafone in M2M. From last 2 weeks, I am going through some extensive training on this technology & I am blown away to see how M2M…

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