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  1. bhavis

    Shenzhen you redefined me.


    As I travel the memory lane, I can’t believe that I happened to spend close to two and a half years living in Shenzhen, China.  
    I left home (Bangalore) in Sep, 2015

    Left Chennai on Jan 2016

    And I am leaving Shenzhen in May 2018

    I am not moving to far, just across the border. Hong Kong it is!
    Moved to a very beautiful house in Hong Kong, but I am still not able to call it home.

    This post is not about why I decided to move to Hong Kong, It’s a post to mark down beautiful memories and times that I had in Shenzhen. I did feel Shenzhen has my home, and that’s because of the wonderful experiences I have been living with.

    For all those who know Shenzhen, YES, it’s hardware Silicon Valley. When I was moving I had no expectations, but just a plan to move out after a year. Having spent so much time, you know this city gave me more than what I could ask for.  This city is the fastest developing place in China, it’s called the startup hub and more to its feather. But for me it’s a place, which redefined me. When I meet my friends after ages, they see a new me… and to a major extent I have to give the credit to Shenzhen and people I encountered during my stay.

    Here is where I learned to be kind and generous to people.

    It doesn’t cost a lot to smile and wish someone compete stranger “Good Day” or accept a compliment by staying humble. 

    I learnt to be more welcoming towards people from all races.

    Got to appreciate the Chinese rich culture

    It made me stronger and confident, that’s because of the people around me.

    I was very lucky to have a wonderful job, company, boss and amazing team members.  I never felt I was at work, working for MEIZU.

    The friends I made, the strangers I encountered, everyone left an impression on me. The newer composition of me is one who is passionate, kinder, empathetic and grateful. China could be a difficult place, but I guess, you need the right people and attitude to make this remarkable place in its own ways.

    The redefined me, is used to a world which is automated,

    where people don’t any more trade with cash,

    where people come from all walks of life, talking different languages,

    where failure is just a new beginning,

    where challenges are an opportunity to accomplish new things,

    where kindness, goodness and smile are means of communiation,

    where being real is authentic and lasting.

    I am leaving Shenzhen, but Shenzhen is going to be in my heart. Even if I am walking away from the borders, I carry with me this redefined me living in this world that I created.

    I never expected my journey to be the way it is…… and I am extremely thank full to everyone for making my journey so incredible.  To be lasting forever, till my end.

    I just think that we shouldn’t be scared off to let go of things. 

    As you know you will always make more memories.

    Cheers to new beginnings. No one has yet figured it out, we all are making it up as we go along, so make it up as best as you can.  Are you ready Hong Kong?

  2. bhavis

    The story of every scar


    I am here, sitting at Hong Kong Airport. My flight is in next 6 hrs. So I decide to blog and abreast you all about my first scar.

    Every scar has it’s own story

    Every scar is a reminder that we have the courage to fight

    Every scar is a reminder to learn from our mistakes

    We eventually learn to accept it as part of our body.

    Every scar is the bookmark of immense pain

    Every scar makes us believe in magic

    The story of my first scar starts from this beautiful place from Vietnam called DaNang.  Me and my dear friend “Apple” landed early morning. The initial vibes reminded me of my home in Bangalore.  We checked in and went out to have some local breakfast. I saw expats all riding the bike and the Indian in me was like bring it on. Managed to get a bike on rent. The super confident biker in me was like so carefree about everything. Little did I know what was round the corner.

    My friend accompanied me while I was driving the bike. We were heading towards the beach & on the Han River Bridge I took the wrong lane. We stopped by to ask some locals for direction & realized we have to take a U turn. I had to cross the road and then take a U turn. As I was doing that a bike from the opposite lane crossed and hit me.  After a few seconds I realized my left leg entire muscle had got ripped off and I could see my bone. It took me time to realize that I have met with an accident. Luckily, my friend was safe.

    The locals gathered and they called the ambulance. For the first time I entered the ambulance and I was crying. If I recollect now, I was not crying because of the injury or the pain, I was crying because the confident driver in me was not ready to accept the fact that I had failed and my ego was too high to accept that the accident was due to my mistake.

    I was rushed to the hospital, they got my X-ray done. No fracture, so I was taken to the operation room for stitches. I remembered crying and calling out my mom’s name. And this time I was crying because I was thinking how ugly my leg will look now after this and I won’t be able to flaunt my leg and wear shorts. I got 7 stitches. I was discharged and I must tell you Vietnam people are really kind and helpful. The management girl “Christina” came to see me in the hospital and was running around in getting things sorted for us.

    We came back to our hostel & make a step was like a big deal for me. That immense pain, I felt it and I still remember how it feels. That’s the time I realized the steps which we casually take, how much grateful we should be for them. I met this girl “Anna” who works in the hostel, she was sitting by my side that night & giving me helping hand when I wanted to walk. She told me no matter how deep the shit is, how much the pain is, try smiling and everything will disappear.  She taught me some very interesting life lessons that came out of her own challenged life.

    It’s important to count your blessings

    Forgive people who do bad

    Give love and be kind to everyone

    Sing and smile whenever you face difficulties in life

    We were in Vietnam for 7 days and moved to Hoi an the very next day. I could not travel around, but I used to sit in the resort area by the beach side. I met interesting people from various parts of life, connected, and we shared our stories. I had so many strangers helping me during these days.  I had some very sweet guys lifting me when taking steps were nearly impossible ;)

    I dedicate this blog to Christina, Anna, all the strangers who helped me on my way and more importantly my lovely friend “Apple”. You realize what true friendship is when people like Apple honor you with their friendship for life. Words are less to describe for all the stuff she did for me …. All I can say…The reason I was able to recover so soon, reached Shenzhen and get back to normal life… is all due to her.

    I owe her for every step I take and more.

    Thank you Apple for everything.

    It’s been 2 months now…

    I met with this accident on 9thof Feb

    Got my stitches removed on 25th Feb

    And I was back to traveling on 9th April

    Coming back to the scar …. It’s part of me. I have accepted it.

    It’s part of my body now… I don’t think it looks that ugly ;) 

    I have not stopped wearing my short dresses or shorts.

    I flaunt my scar !

    When I look at it…. I know one day every wound will be ok. 

    Time will heal everything. 
    I have seen my torn muscles & tissues and now I see my scar

    I am grateful as I can walk the way I used to before.

    I value every step that I can take.

    I know the immense pain, I have faced it, lived it

    But I also know what it feels to see that pain go off

    I want this blog post to give that courage to people who are dealing with their injuries.

    I want to inspire people to help others when they are going through difficult times.

    I want to let people know, it’s ok, scars are not ugly, they just make you more stronger and different. 

    I want people to take care of their health and be grateful of their life, as there are few who don’t have what you tend to take for granted.

    Sorry for this lengthy post,  I am off to Singapore. Come back for more stories!

  3. bhavis



    Don’t know why the world judges people appearance without knowing them,
    Don’t know why without understanding someones personality, we hate their very existence, 
    When ever they try to reach out for help, 
    We rebuke them,
    It's unfair, we know, we are aware, we just don't make effort to change those thoughts. 
    Don’t know why more then humanity it's the void pride - we are found of!
  4. bhavis

    Eternal Love!

    It’s not a perfect love story. 
    In fact it’s an incomplete one.

    Left to be never completed in this lifetime.

    It was a dream and near too impossible.

    But as it entered my life, I started chasing more dreams.

    God grants you things when you need them the most.

    Deep in sorrow, fakeness,

    Lost, confused and buried in questions I was.

    And the Eternal Love just came as a slow wind.

    Which shook my fundamentals,

    Moved me and I became a new person.

    That’s what it does.

    So, for this Eternal Love

    I will never fear this world.

    Be authentic and real.

    Will value my time and other time too.

    Keep up my word at any cost.

    Will speak up, even if it’s suffocating.

    Expose my vulnerabilities and face my fears.

    I will stay beautiful as this Eternal Love.

    Alive and meaningful as this Eternal love.

    I will go global and make you proud.

    Will smile even if I live in pain.

    Because I got more than what I asked for.

    It gives me a safe nest to breath.

    Protected arms when I am scared the most.

    Wipes off your tears every time I am hurt.

    Walking in the crowd all alone, never did I felt lost.

    You walked besides me and I never wanted any one more.

    I live everyday with this eternal love in my heart.

    Love overdue ….but here I am.

    Thanks BG for this Eternal Love.
    This is what you have left me with….. never ending Eternal Love.

  5. bhavis

    Water + Fire = Love


    Love is the water of life and the lover is the sole of fire.
    Universe turns differently when fire loves water. 
    A life without love is of no count. 
    Don’t ask yourself what kind of love you should seek.
    Spiritual or material, Divine or Maintained. 

    Love has no definition or labels. 
  6. bhavis

    What makes you perfect?

    Well, I am not perfect and I carry all my imperfections as a medal.
    I accept and celebrate my imperfections and yes that makes me also vulnerable.

    Does it pain?

    Yes, it pains. When those imperfections lead to failures, setbacks, and losses.

    I don’t know what being perfect is like…but I have found my way to be perfect.

    You are perfect when you can make someone smile.

    You are perfect when you do well for someone.

    You are perfect if you can empathies with someone.

    You are perfect if you can accept people for who they are.

    You care perfect if you can feel someone’s pain.

    You are perfect if you care less of what others would think and be you.

    I live with pain, don’t ask why.

    Ask how does it help.

    I rejoice my pains everyday…ask why?

    Only if you are in pain you can feel someone else’s pain.

    When you can feel others pain you can truly connect.

    Only when you are in pain you value happiness.

    Beauty of pain is that it connects people.

    I call “Pain” is a blessing in disguise.

    Even if you are living in pain…don’t forget to smile always.

    Smile because you took a breath now.

    What’s the point of being perfect, when pain and imperfection are enough to live in gratitude?

    Don’t die before your death.

    Try doing good and changing someone’s life, that’s when you are living.

    Break out of the routine and do your bit of goodness.

    And if you feel you are imperfect in anything don’t worry my friend, you will be ok. That’s how we all are and we need to stop trying to prefect our self’s, instead be grateful of this life and make the most out of it.

    Cheers to our imperfections.

  7. bhavis

    The very Indian in me says this….

    Today back home, we are celebrating our 70thIndependence Day in India. For me it was an emotional roller costar day. I was missing home, was happy seeing the flag hosting pictures, school celebration social media post and our leaders inspiring talks etc.

    I have been living away from India for now more than 2 years now, and after so many years of living only today I wondered what 15thAug means to me or for that matter for my fellow Indians. Yes, it’s a day to celebrate the freedom we got after fighting so hard and sacrificing so many freedom fighters lives. The question I have is, what are we celebrating for?

    Our freedom fighters fought for a free nation, where we are no more slaves of anyone and have all the freedom we want in this life. But what’s the point of this freedom and celebration I wonder again. Our minds are not really free!

    Religion: How easily today we categorize people based on their religion and cast. It starts right from the birth, when we label a child – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian in his or her birth certificate and they land up living for that tag forever. We divided our own free land into religious minds and we are subconsciously fighting a mental war against each other, is this Independence? When can we stop dividing ppl based on their religion? Well, I have no answer for this? I am personally fighting my own war and hope no religion wins, but humanity WINS.  I wish I embraced true independence in my mind.

    State Divisions: Oh Yes! This is classic, How many times in your day u say- “She is a tamilian”, “He is a Punjabi”, “She is from Bengal” and how strong our stereotypes are related to people from different parts of India. Isn’t it funny? So did Gandhi or for that matter our leaders fought this freedom war just to wake up from their grave and see fellow Indians talking ill and segmenting people based on which part of India they come from?

    No matter how educated or smart we are, we lovely Indians can’t stop diving people. I guess it’s our skills set.

    Language War: We might be the only country, which has no National Language, however for us English and Hindi are our official languages. Why u ask? Well because we speak close to 18 different languages, and how can one language win? Thus, if you are living in a particular state and if you don’t know the state language, it’s a disgrace, you will be made to feel like an outsider. So independence is not about which language u wish to learn and speak. When will we liberate our self from this languages war and say fuck everything… lets make respect, honesty, and kindness mode of communication and not Kannada, Bengali etc.

    Well if I can communicate to Chinese people using these languages, I am sure it won’t be that difficult for our Indians.

    Gender Equality:  This is a huge topic, and I know lots of things are changing. But still, when will we stop objectifying women in India. A woman is supposed to do this and that, is this what Independence means to you or us? Why can’t u give every woman this Independence of letting her make her own choice, out of love and not out of society pressure?

    Status Quote: To explain this point, let me narrate you a story. I was waiting at this Delhi airport and a mid age woman share my table and started telling me about her son living in US and passed out from IIT. She must be proud of her son, which I could see, but it took a twist in the story when 2 other girls joined our table. One was doing her MS in US and the other girl was doing her media studies. Guess what? That woman started giving more attention and respect to the MS girl. So here’s my question to the entire well educated and highly classy Indians – Was Independence gifted to us so that we treat people differently based on their social, financial and educational status?

    Why is that we have this mental barometer, when it comes to respecting people coming from different walks of life and class.

    Did our great freedom fighters fight for India’s Independence to see all that’s boiling up in India? My dear friends, as you end your today’s day and head back to a normal routine life from tomorrow, I want you guys to ask yourself, how full of double standards and a hypocrite life we are living in spite of this blessed freedom. This is not a national war, it's a fight with our selves. Fight to free yourself from the thoughts, which divide our own land.  I wish we all WIN this war soon, so that if I ever have kids, help them breath is a truly Independent India.

    Happy Independence Day!

    Jai Hind!

  8. bhavis

    To all the Internet haters.


    To all the Internet haters,

    They say, “I lack Indian Values, have no Indian Culture, Are you really an Indian?

    I wonder why they feel it’s ok to slash someone openly on Social Media without even making an attempt to know them?

    This couldn't be more far from the truth and from my intentions and values. Yes I, come from India. But, does that mean I can’t take up global roles or create social media content that is universal? Just because I am an India, does it mean I always have to dress up in ethnic attire? 

    I love Social Media; it’s my bread and butter. I love being creative and experimenting with new content even if they are not conventional. I used Social media at work and personally. Yes, my profiles are public. I love this space, but today I want to address few things, that I think is not OK. Few people sitting in a room, going all out abusing content creators and when they them self have no point to prove apart from calling people racist, sexist, boosting their egos.

    My FB, Blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitteraccounts are all public. You know why, because I want to share my content, stories and I tell them in unique ways. Yes, I am putting myself up there for lot of criticisms, inviting hates comments. I am ok to show that I am vulnerable. Any other way would be inauthentic. The truth is, I do dress up in all the fashions, just because you thing my pics are revealing, does not give any one the rights to judge me by saying I lack India culture.  

    I'm really proud of my ethnicity and skin colour. I'm even more proud of my parents and the life they've created. I love dosa. I love pani puri. I love speaking Hindi and (poorly) Kannada, Marathi. I also love dressing up in clothes from the motherland. I love the family values I've been raised with. I love Bhangra and Bollywood music. In other words, don't get it twisted. I'm brown and I'm hella happy about it. And whatever colour your skin is, you should love it too.

    I am an Indian, but I would love to be called as a Global Citizen.

  9. bhavis

    The real deal about dreaming?

    Today, I did post on Instagram my picture with a quote saying, “I am grateful for each breath in and out”.

    One of my Insta friend said “Life in every breath”. As we started conversing he also shared one of his readings, which goes like this – “Think about your goals and dream in life and think how your actions are helping you achieve this dream. All your actions should only be in service of achieving this dream.”

    So, we all have dreams – don’t we? Some dream of having a family, some dream about their career achievements, for some it’s their startup, product, loved ones, traveling around etc.

    Types of dreams are endless; the point is having a dream first and then taking actions towards achieving it.

    That made me think. Most of us have dreams, but then how many and how often do we work towards achieving it?

    Isn’t living about living to fulfill our dreams?

    So, what actually happens? Let’s take my example, one of my long-term goal is – before I die I want to build a school/ shelter for orphan age kids. Say even if I am able to give minimum 15 kids a home, family & education I will feel that I accomplished my dream.

    This has been my dream, the time when a kid I adopted from an orphan age died due to AIDS at a very early age. He made me realize what it means to give shelter and a family for an orphan.

    After speaking to him, I realized I do have this dream and I believe strongly about it. But what am I actually doing about it? Absolutely…..Nothing.

    At this stage I don’t have a plan where I want to start this school, how much will it cost to buy & build a school. How will I raise more money & how will it sustain in the long run.

    So, let’s not get lost in my dream & it’s planning complexity. The question we need to ask is…what’s the purpose of our living? What gives us that motivation to wake up & concur our days?

    They are dreams because they are not going to be easy, so we need to put in every day some effort so that we fulfill our dreams. We need to invest time so that we get closer to our dreams.

    Else we will find our self going as the wind blows, living a meaningless life & when we will look back….we wont be happy about how we lost control over our life.

    Let me end by asking you to practice 10 mins act. Spend min at least 10 mins to work towards your dream – let it be researching, reading, posting content, and practicing… anything related to your dream.  With this you will slowly bridge the gap between making your dreams come to reality. If we can dare to dream, with our daily efforts we can for sure see them getting real.

    Cheers to all the dreamers! Good Luck!
    Never stop dreaming and more importantly don’t forget to keep working towards it on daily bases.

  10. bhavis


    It’s such a simple word and equally difficult to triumph.
    Why do I say so?

    Well, because I wonder

    Is it something that I need to chase?

    Is it something with in me to feel?

    Is it something that I need to pursuit?

    Is it something that I need to do to feel it?

    Is it something that certain acts can assure you?

    Is it a movie, hobby, music, people, as few quotes say?


    Is it just something you can just keep aspiring for?
    So, is happiness a question or an answer?

    Well I might sound a bit confused, lost or profound at this moment. That’s because I am searching for answers and trying to kill the debate that’s going on in my mind.

    So, if you think you are happy and you are blessed with happiness… try answering the question for me.
    Nothing guarantees happiness – money, love, family, friends, good job, health none of them. You know why? Because, I have all of it. More than I want. Still I am here wondering….

    Seth Godin says “An alternative is to be happy wherever you are, with whatever you've got, but always hungry for the thrill of creating art, of being missed if you're gone and most of all, doing important work.”
    How do you balance gratitude along with the greed to be the best & have the best?

    I think I have encountered happiness very often, but when it’s gone… why does it leave me empty? Tell me why, having such a blessed life I am still conjecturing about happiness. Is it normal or I am I missing out something?

    Is it too much when I am asking nothing more, but to be happy, as we all wish?


  11. bhavis

    Meizu at MWC 2017


    Meizu Showcases World’s Quickest Fast Charging Solution with Temperature Control at Mobile World Congress 2017

    BARCELONA, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2017. Leading smartphone manufacturer Meizu unveiled its latest cutting-edge fast charging solution at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2017 in Hall 7, Stand 7K5.

    Overcoming a major technological barrier, Meizu introduces the third generation fast charging technology that uses the high-voltage direct charge method. The pioneering fast charging solution, Super mCharge, is a major breakthrough among existing direct charging solutions that enable batteries to top up at a much faster rate.
    The field-leading 11V/5A charging connector boasts a maximum power of 55W for an accelerated full charge time of just 20 minutes, providing a significant enhancement in user experience. With Super mCharge, an empty battery can be fully charged in the same amount of time it takes to finish a cup of coffee, freeing up users from hours of time being hooked to a charger or power banks. 
    Super mCharge adopts the Charge Pump Principle, applying only 2 groups of conversion circuits to directly output half of the voltage. This increases charging efficiency by 9 percent to 98 percent, and ensures stable performance during charging. With Super mCharge, battery temperature tops at 39(102.2) during charging, resulting in a safer and more reliable charging solution.
    The reduced heat-dissipation and current, along with an upgraded data cable capable of supporting 160W, ensure that Super mCharge is both safe and durable. Tests show that its 3000mAh ATL battery retains over 80% capacity after over 800 charge and discharge cycles, giving it a service life of more than two years. It can bear more than 4 times the current of an ordinary battery, which allows it to cope reliably.
    Super mCharge is the latest achievement of Meizu’s R&D team in charging technology. It is a solution that is much quicker and more reliable than existing available solutions. Its high-voltage direct charge solution promises to redefine the field.
    “Innovation isn’t an easy job, but we believe that success comes from passion. We’ve overcome numerous difficulties and obstacles to create the best technology for all,” explained Li Tao, Supervisor of Meizu’s R&D team.

    Super mCharge is not only the fastest charging technology, but the safest one of all.

    About Meizu

    Meizu is a global smartphone company that designs and produces smartphones created to provide a simple and intuitive mobile experience. 

    Meizu expanded into the smartphone market in 2008 and has been committed to developing reliable smartphones and introducing cutting-edge technologies ever since. The company now carries three smartphone lines: the PRO, MX and M-series. Additionally, Meizu has developed and optimized the Flyme operating system based on user preferences.

    Currently, Meizu operates more than 2,000 franchised stores in China and promotes and sells its products in many other countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

  12. bhavis

    Dubai Bash – Photo Blog

    There is so much written and said about traveling to Dubai. What more can I say?

    Maybe how I felt or what all I saw?

    So I have decided to cover this travel journey via photo blog – the pictures I clicked as I was exploring this land.

    So I was traveling with my lovely family – Dad, Mom & baby sister. This was planned to celebrate my birthday in Dubai. Sounds so fancy right? Our family is ;)

    Here I am looking at my flight from the HK airport – All I was doing was being thankful to God, because I was almost in the verge of missing my flight. ..but I made it!

    We took our metro passes on 20th Jan & decided to explore the city. Few bullet points to describe Dubai:

    • Sky raised buildings
    • People from all over the world – Truly International
    • Lots of good-looking people
    • Expensive cars
    • Rich People

    We entered the Desert - Sand Boarding and the ride was something I can’t forget… now I don’t want to ride on the roads anymore ;)
    My parents were more daring than me when it came to camel riding…yes you can laugh at me.

     Some amazing performance – belly dancing, fireman, dancing horse show

    Hina Tatoo  & BBQ Dinner

    Burj Al Arab I am coming. The sea was so clean and blue I didn’t feel like leaving that place.

    Atlant Hotel – Nothing great just a hotel on a man made island. Well I know it’s a dream for most.. but how about a house on a palm island.

  13. bhavis

    Dear 2016!

    Dear 2016,
    I welcomed you with a great bang along with the people I loved the most in my life. I didn’t expect much & if you ask me, I really don’t remember asking you anything or wishing anything very specific. Because, I was happy then and didn’t want to change anything.

    You got me to china and threw so many challenges at me. But they never looked like a challenge, because I was strong, because this was the choice I made consciously and I till date never regret.

    You gave me the best family, friends & career, I could ever ask for. You also gave me uncertainties that I was dealing with. You gave me love, but you caged me in it. You said live with it or set yourself free.

    You took me to so many new places and most of the time the hotels became my house.  I forgot the definition of home, but you kept me safe everywhere I went.

    Got gave me new friends who will be part of my life forever.  Make me realized how beautiful I am and vulnerable.  Gave me a peaceful job that I never had in my past 9 years. I felt like I was living.

    You got me tears when I say my loving world that I created falling all apart. The dreams I had were not going to be real. You got me the courage to get out of the struggle in search of a new faith & experience.

    You taught me that life is going to be uncertain and I have to be ready for it. You saw me falling badly, but you also assured I had people to pull be back to a happy land.

    If I look back I wanna say thanks for all the experiences, thanks for the memories, thanks for keeping me alive & giving me a hope that no matter what at the end it's going to be ok.

    You know I lost, but you found a new hope for me

    You know I lost faith, but you helped me believe in goodness

    You know I was away from my home, but you gave me a new paradise

    You know I was missing my friends, you gave me new best ones

    You know I cried, but you also made me laugh

    You know it was not easy, but you made me stronger

    You know I lost love, but you found it again for me

    You made me realize that I need to get better with every passing day… and I in 2017 I will do everything that will keep me happy.

    If sky is the limit, I have achieved it. This is a reminder to myself for 2017 that whatever I will aim I can achieve it. So I won't stop dreaming big

    2017, I already know that you are going to be awesome and that I will be truly happy. 

    Happy New Year!

  14. bhavis

    50 reasons why I love China

    It’s in total 6 months of me living in China & I have gathered these below 50 reasons why I love my stay in china. All the below reasons are based on my experiences that I have encountered in Shenzhen & Beijing:

    1. Getting all the attention in public places for being a foreigner

    2. Kids staring at me as If I am an alien

    3. Random strangers asking if you are from India with lots of excitement

    4. Strangers  Complimenting “You are beautiful”

    5. At tourist places young & old people's asking for picture with them – making you feel someone important

    6. At metro strangers taking pictures of me as If I don’t come from this planet

    7. If I was ever lost & asked people for directions…they used to walk me down to my destination to assure I don’t get lost.

    8. That big smile on the driver's face when I hop in his taxi

    9. Connected with our Local police officer on Wechat …now he is just a ping away in case I get into any situation.

    10. My team back in office that spoils me & are there to always support me.

    11. Joy & fun in learning Chinese

    12. The eyes which sparkle when I say some words in Chinese to my vegetable vendor

    13. Making new friends coming from all over the world & learning more about their culture

    14. Weekend events -  Workshop,  tech/ startup meetups.

    15. Getting to buy electronics from the city which is called the silicon valley for hardware

    16. Having the coolest boss who is inspiring as a women leader

    17. My Chinese friends who look forward to eat Indian curries cooked by me

    18. When people in china talk so rich about Indian culture & bollywood..,making me feel so proud of the land I belong from!

    19. Making genuine new friends and exploring new places in the city

    20. Reliable & easy public transportation which give me more time for myself

    21. Clean beaches & green parks to cycle around

    22. City which believes a lot in recycling & up cycling

    23. Money when you donate plastic bottles in this machine

    24. Wechat – not only for communication but for money transaction & translations

    25. mWallet – no worries of losing money or thrift

    26.  Korea, Japan, Philippines are now easy and cheap vacation destinations.   

    27. Why worry about Google apps not supportive in China when we have apps like Baidu maps, Weibo, WeChat which are way too perfect.

    28. Helpful people all around

    29. Too many options for vegan restaurants

    30. I have felt so safe let it be any time in the day or night.

    31. Freedom to wear whatever you want – as people around give Zero F***

    32. Chinese are amazingly hospitable and more sensitive towards others

    33. From the Great Wall of China to Buddhist temples – china surprises me with its rich culture.

    34. Diverse Landscape

    35. Chinglish – The way Chinese translate single words or full sentences is just too funny

    36. The Chinese doctors prescribe herbs for any ailment and it really works

    37. Random Silliness

    38. Street  art & talent show

    39. There is always lot of food, alcohol & fireworks with some breath-talking performance talking place all over china

    40. Old couples in evenings practicing dance moves to keep their love alive and making attempts to stay young as they exercise while dancing

    Cheese Cake, Avocado, Ackee Fruit, Green tea, traditional music of China,

    Having said that I have still lots to explore in Mainland China. At this time, I am great full for all that I experience here in China & cheers for more 50 reasons that I will explore in the coming months.
  15. bhavis

    This & That Shenzhen

    All that it takes to keep our city cleanWork...Work...WorkTech ExpoWhy do we prefer our phones over real human interaction?You will find artist all around the townThis is how a veggie like me survives in Shenzhen.No matter what time it is .... let...
  16. bhavis

    Rebag: Suitability Design Story

    I happened to hear Yi Wang today who is a social enterprise working on sustainability fashion. She is an inspiring woman who has founded Rebag. Here is her story:
    What is Rebag?
    Rebag is a social enterprise and creative accessories brand which discovers and integrates different elements of fabric, techniques, and accessories across culture and regions.
    How do they make Rebag products?
    It's through upcycling process which is higher than recycling. The goal is to make current things better than it was before. They not only use used products but also products from access inventory from clothing brands or online stores like Tmall, Allibaba etc.
    They re-innovate, re-design to build handbags, phone cases & laptop bags. While in this making journey they engage with social workers, craftsman, designers to promote green life practices & build value added products.
    The vision of Rebag?
    Yi wants to see rebag become a platform in 5 to 6 years where if you have an old jeans and put this in the rebag the platform can suggest it be redesigned  & produced to be a pillow, bag, purse, pouch, toy etc. A platform for sustainability believers to remake products.
    How do they sell?
    Online – through their website
    Offline – flee markets, clothing fairs, etc

    Her advice about building a team?
    Hire people who are passionate about your vision
    Skilled people who are ready to go through the ups & downs with you in this startup journey
    Never compromise when you are trying to hire people as there are talented people out there.
    Current business & distribution challenges:
    Driving traffic to the website, making the product count as a fashion brand, reaching out to people with the brand vision, figuring out shipping expenses, profit margins and dealing with operational cost.
    Current marketing challenges?
    Saying the story of the brand, driving traffic to the website. Making people love the products & showcasing it as a fashion accessory.

    Her inspirational story:
    “We started as clothes refashioning company with jobs of dignity and moved on to become a creative design brand which believes that sharing stories of people and culture behind our accessories products brings inspiration and empowerment.”

    She believed that the world needs to embrace sustainability. Thus she started up with Rebag.
  17. bhavis

    Highlights: Start-up Your E-Commerce Business in China

    This week I happened to attend a Seminar on how to get started with eCommerce in China for foreigners. I have got you some key highlights of the event & some not so good snaps of the keynote, but useful ones :-)
    Despite the opportunities that the fast growth of e-commerce presents to Foreign SME’s to access or expand their operations in China Market, there is still a lack of understanding concerning the establishment, development and maintenance of an online business. In this context, the set-up of an e-commerce platform should be tailor-made to attract online shoppers’ appeal, without overlooking China’s online legal and tax framework.
    China loves foreign brands, but you need to consider the logistic part of where to import your products & how much tax you are supported to pay to the china government to assure you get the best price into the market & yet make your profit.
    Real cases will be used to simulate this journey, from the ideas conception to the execution, as well as the daily back-office operations of running an online shop. This seminar aims at showcasing the tools that a company needs to successfully run an online business. During the seminar direct and practical questions will be presented and covered, such as:
    You should ask the right questions before you start you business:
    - Are my products or services suitable for online business? 
    - What are the steps to take in order to open an online store? 
    - Can I open and run an online shop if I only have a representative company?
    - What kind of web designs do Chinese customers like?
    - How do I promote online?
    - How do I handle online transactions and what payment options do I have?
    - Will my company be facing double taxation?
    - How does it work with invoicing? - Where should I store my stock?
    Last not the least - the Proz & Cons of getting started in China market:
    1. China user base is very big, an interesting market which you can't ignore.
    2. Instead of starting your own eCommerce website, use the china market place. Get started with
    3. Always work with Chinese vendors to get an easy start.Use Chinese marketing tools & langues to reach out to locals.
    4. China government rules are very dynamic and are very different. Obey them to survive.
  18. bhavis

    Garrett Gee is living the idea Dream!

    I wonder at times how can someone be living such a perfect life when I heard & got to know Garrett Gee!

    To introduce him in short – “He is an entrepreneur who sold his Scan app to Snapchat for $54 Million and is now travelling the world with his wife & two kids”

    I wanted to share this inspiring person’s story here with these beautiful visual that I got from his Instagram account.

    Started Scan:

    Garrett started Scan while he was a freshman at Brigham Young University together with his 2 other college mates. Scan is an app which is used to connect to real world with the digital universe through mobile scanning technology like QR code, bar codes, beacons & more.

    He raised $8 million in funding for Scan, which had 50 million downloads worldwide.

    Balancing Scan & Soccer:

    He became the caption of BYU soccer team while he was chasing his dream with Scan. For him hard work doesn’t feel like hard work when you love what you do and you understand what you’re working towards.

    Shark Tank:

    The 20-something dropped out of BYU to develop a scanning app, called Scan, after receiving funding from Google. Scan was considered so user friendly and popular that it knocked Angry Birds off the App Store top ten list.

    Garrett appeared in Shark Tank, he didn’t get the funding but his presence made US believe that he will be big with his idea someday soon.

    Fell in love:

    Life is meaningful when you find someone with whom you can share it. Jessica was just the right girl for him. He married her and they do everything together. She makes it all worth it & enjoyable.

    Sold his company:
    He & his co-founders then sold their product to Snapchat for a reported $54 Millions in 2014. $30 Million in cash and the rest in equity in Snapchat.

    Decided to sell his belongings:

    Garrett Gee decided to ditch the regular lifestyle and travel the world after selling Scan. So he and his wife decided to sell most of their belongings, including their cars, furniture, TV and extra clothes, and are using money they made to fund their adventures. 

    Travelling the world:
    Here’s the crazy & most inspiring part. The couple and their two young children, Dorsey and Manilla, call themselves "The Bucket List Family." So far, 25-year-old Garrett and 29-year-old Settie are travelling with their kids to a wide range of exotic spots, such as Turks and Caicos, Thailand, Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii.

    Take Away: 
    It’s so important to follow your passion, not follow the rules but go with your own instinct. If you believe in something go hard chasing for it. You will meet success & always keep inspiring people around you by being the best form of yourself.

    Look what just happened. I tweeted about him & he shows his like on Twitter. Life is magical go out & live it J 
    Learn more:

    The Bucket List Family Youtube link

    Garrett gee Instagram link

  19. bhavis

    Garrett Gee is living the idea ream!

    I wonder at times how can someone be living such a perfect life when I heard & got to know Garrett Gee!

    To introduce him in short – “He is an entrepreneur who sold his Scan app to Snapchat for $54 Million and is now travelling the world with his wife & two kids”

    I wanted to share his inspiring story here with these beautiful visuals that I got from his Instagram account.

    Started Scan:

    Garrett started Scan while he was a freshman at Brigham Young University together with his 2 other college mates. Scan is an app which is used to connect to real world with the digital universe through mobile scanning technology like QR code, bar codes, beacons & more.

    He raised $8 million in funding for Scan, which had 50 million downloads worldwide.

    Balancing Scan & Soccer:
    He became the caption of BYU soccer team while he was chasing his dream with Scan. For him hard work doesn’t feel like hard work when you love what you do and you understand what you’re working towards.

    Shark Tank:

    The 20-something dropped out of BYU to develop the Scan app, after receiving funding from Google. Scan was considered so user friendly and popular that it knocked Angry Birds off the App Store top ten list.

    Garrett appeared in Shark Tank, he didn’t get the funding but his presence made US believe that he will be big with his idea someday soon.

    Fell in love:

    Life is meaningful when you find someone with whom you can share it. Jessica was just the right girl for him. He married her and they do everything together. She makes it all worth it & enjoyable.

    Sold his company:
    He & his co-founders then sold Snap to Snapchat for a reported $54 Millions in 2014. $30 Million in cash and the rest in equity in Snapchat.

    Decided to sell his belongings:

    Garrett Gee decided to ditch the regular lifestyle and travel the world after selling Scan. So he and his wife decided to sell most of their belongings, including their cars, furniture, TV and extra clothes, and are using money they made to fund their adventures. 

    Travelling the world:
    Here’s the crazy & most inspiring part. The couple and their two young children, Dorsey and Manilla, call themselves "The Bucket List Family." So far, 25-year-old Garrett and 29-year-old Settie are travelling with their kids to a wide range of exotic spots, such as Turks and Caicos, Thailand, Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii.

    Take Away: 
    It’s so important to follow your passion & not follow the rules but go with your own instinct. If you believe in something go hard chasing for it. You will meet success & always keep inspiring people around you by being the best form of yourself.

    Look what just happened. I tweeted about him & he shows his like on Twitter. Life is magical go out & live it J 
    Learn more:

    The Bucket List Family Youtube link

    Garrett gee Instagram link
  20. bhavis

    Internet Report 2016

    The "Queen of the Internet" Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report released today at the 2016 General Assembly in the US.Below is the quick summary of the report with the highlights:The number of Internet users worldwide exceeded 3 billion, an increase o...
  21. bhavis

    Instagram at Green Room

    Me and couple of my friends in Shenzhen planned to visit today Green Room where they were hosting Instagreen Party!I am writing this post not because we had lots of fun...because I loved the concept how Social element was well integrated in food & ...
  22. bhavis

    Long overdue – let’s catch up

    Let me see, so much has been happening since my last post, which was about M2M. I can assure you I’m as random as ever. Lets go month by month and pick out the highlights! 

    I was very particular about not sharing too much personal stuff on my blog…guess I am becoming more of a private person and trying my best to protect the best things that are happening to me. I have also realised that I am not too found of attention and people talking about me.

    In the month of Nov after I left OnePlus India, I learnt a very big career lesson. Its not important for which brand you are working, assure that you have good & inspiring leaders. So to all those who wondered why did I leave the company within a year you got my answer.

    I also believe “Most companies fail because of leadership.. Never because of product”.

    Since Nov my life has been very adventurous. I was working on a project with Vodafone in Chennai. Loving the people, food, beaches & roads of Chennai. Everything was just close to perfect & that’s when Chennai floods came in. That night the rain never stopped. It was pitch dark and no power throughout the city. I was locked in my flat & luckily my area had no water lock. The morning was a terror. I was hearing the news of what was going on in Chennai and to the death stories. I cant describe the pain the city went through ….nor can I hold back my tears as I go back to those days. I had to leave the city the very next day, but I have this regret that I wasn’t around to do my best for the people & the city.  
    So, from my learning - if you ever get a chance to do any community service for people please take up such opportunities.

    For new years I along with my sister & dear friends travelled to Belum Caves and Gandikota. After seeing the negative side of nature in Chennai I got to see the beauty of nature.

    Traveling is fun & more importantly for me it helps me re-defined my perceptions about things, places & people.

    It was my first visit to Kolkata –some how I connected to the place very easily. 
    Well life was getting easy, less exciting & challenging. So the crazy part of me wanted to explore how life & career shapes up in Shenzhen. So here I am, blogging from my sweet home, road-facing apartment.

    So far it has been an exciting journey. Yes, life is not easy here:

    - I don’t have free open Internet to surf Google, FB, Twitter, Youtube & many more sites

    - For a vegetarian like me, we have very less options to eat outside.

    - Hardly people know to speak English & all the signboards are in Chinese text.

    - I use an app to communicate with people here.

    - Away from Family & Friends.

    I left back a very comfortable life back in India, but guess what I love it all.

    Do you wonder what makes me like China? Well my next blog post will have some very interesting stories from the life I am living here. Till than take care & love!

  23. bhavis

    Quick bite on Machine to Machine (M2M)

    It’s not been very long since I have entered the Telecom space; but I am extremely impressed to see the incredible work done by Vodafone in M2M.

    From last 2 weeks, I am going through some extensive training on this technology & I am blown away to see how M2M is revolutionizing industries from various verticals these days.

    M2M is also impacting our lives too:-

    Few street lights in India are not manually managed; they are street lights which are operated based on the Sun & Moonlight. 
    To enter your hotel room all that you need to do is tap your Smartphone

    Car Insurance premium can now be calculated based on your driving habits.

    Not only today people are getting smarter, it’s the machines which are getting smarter than us. Thanks to M2M technology. This technology has been around for quite some time now, but these days we see its implementation very often.

    Machine to Machine communication is considered to be a highly developing domain, which will work as an enabler for making various verticals “Smart” by providing the capability of transmitting data in real time by using wired / wireless networks, this communication concept offers will provide a wide range of opportunities that will help enabling novel business cases, enhanced workflow, efficiency and improved quality of life

    The M2M ecosystem is considered to be organized in a 3-Layer conceptual model as explained below:
    1. Network Services Layer: Provided by the Network Service Provider (Telecom Service Providers).
    2. M2M Services Layer: Based on Internet Protocol (IP) and provided by the M2M Service Provider.
    3. Application Layer: Provided by the Application Service Provider catering to End User Applications
    General description of M2M communication:
    • M2M refers to the technologies that allow wired / wireless system to communicate with the devices of the same ability.
    • M2M solution connects machines or devices to the internet transforming them into intelligent devices that can exchange real time information.
    • M2M uses a device (sensor, meter, etc.) to capture an ‘event’ (motion, meter reading, temperature, etc.), which is relayed through a network (wireless, wired or hybrid) to an application (software program), that translates the captured event into meaningful information. 
    • M2M devices may be fixed or mobile. Some examples of the fixed M2M applications are Smart metering, City Surveillance cameras, Home automation (remote monitoring of the house and communicating with Fridge, Air conditioners etc.). Moving M2M device applications may have vehicle tracking, Fitness health care devices, e-call, woman safety bands etc. Enabling technologies are as given below:
      • RFID, wireless sensor networks (WSNs), Location based services (LBS).
      • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), NFC, WLAN (IEEE 802.11), Low power personal area network (IEEE 802.15.4) such as ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Thread for short range communication (TAN / BAN/ FAN/ NAN/ LAN)
      • Cellular 2G/ 3G / LTE MTC (3GPP rel 12), fixed line BB for WAN depending upon the applications.
      • LPWAN technology such as LoRa and Sigfox for WAN are proprietary
      • 5G will bring ultra-high reliability, ultra-low latency, wide coverage and high security network, suitable for M2M / IoT
      • IPv6 capable of providing unique IP addresses to all the devices available on earth. 
    • Devices may be connected directly to the M2M platform or through Gateway / aggregator, depending upon the design of the network. Fixed M2M devices may be connected through gateways having connectivity on lease lines (IP) / fixed line BB or on SIM based connectivity. 
    • Moving M2M devices will be having the connectivity mainly on SIM

    M2M Benefits:
    • Operation efficiency: Automation of a process
    • New Business Models:  Innovative strategy
    • Consumer satisfaction:  Remote engine diagnostics of vehicles are a good example which WOWs  customers
    • Compliance: Private APN to assure data security, the transaction is done safely
    • Sustainability: eg Smart metering, Reduce wastage & assure optimized usage of resources

    How M2M work?
    1.  A SIM is inserted into the device
    2. The SIM gathers information and transfers it via the Vodafone network to an M2M application
    3. The M2M application processes the data to provide us with useful information

    M2M applications:-M2M applications as per industry are given below:


    Industry / Vertical

    M2M applications


    Automotive/ Transportation

    Vehicle tracking, e-call, V2V and V2I applications, traffic control, Navigation, Infotainment, Fleet management, asset tracking,  manufacturing and logistics


    Utilities / Energy

    Smart metering, smart grid, Electric line monitoring, gas / oil / water pipeline monitoring.


    Health care

    Remote monitoring of patient after surgery (e-health), remote diagnostics, medication reminders, Tele-medicine, wearable health devices


    Safety & Surveillance

    Commercial and home security monitoring, Surveillance applications, Fire alarm, Police / medical alert


    Financial /Retail

    Point of sale (POS), ATM, Kiosk, Vending machines, digital signage and handheld terminals.


    Public Safety

    Highway, bridge, traffic management, homeland security, police, fire and emergency services.


    Smart City

    Intelligent transport System, Waste management, Street  Light control system, Water distribution, Smart Parking



    Remotely controlled irrigation pump

    Some interesting work by Vodafone in M2M:

    1. Calcutta Smart meters send electronic meter readings to the energy provider automatically. Read more....

    2. Reva - Making the connected car a reality. Read more...

    3. mSwipe-  Card payment via smartphone.

  24. bhavis

    Radian6 for Social Media Listening & Engagement – Top 10 Features


    I have been using social media for brand promotion and engagement; there was this desperate need to evaluate data flowing in various channels. That’s when I discovered Radian 6 – it’s a very expensive tool but worth exploring.  

    Radian6 has created a social media monitoring and engagement platform that allows you to view relevant conversations happening around your brand and products in real time. It’s a great social media listening tool that allows brands to enhance their products & services. I have been playing around with it for quite some time and here’s a breakdown of the top 10 most important features of Radian6.

    Before you get started, create “Topic profile” by providing your product/ brand name, keywords and Social media channel list.

    1. Conversation Cloud: It’s a widget that displays the top 50 words and call out the more distinct words mentioned across all the social media about your product/brand. So, if a negative word appears in the Conversation Cloud, it may be worth further investigating those mentions to see what’s being said about their brand.

    2. River of News: River of news widget enables you to see mentions about your brand, products or competitors, and where the conversation is taking place. Further, the River of News allows brands to organize these conversations by Forum Thread Size, Twitter Followers, Publish Date, Media View Count, and more.

    3. Topic Trends: By opening the River of News or Conversation Cloud widgets within Topic Trends, can further drill down into specific points throughout the timeline to see why the conversation had a spike during a specific time period. It pulls in conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, YouTube, Mainstream News, and Buy/Sell websites
    4. Reporting: With this feature all the Radian6 widget data can be seamlessly integrated into excel worksheets. You can set up alert emailed reports on daily/weekly bases that need to be sent out to the higher management.

    5. Summary Dashboard:  With the summary dashboard users can monitor about their brand, products, competitors and regarding industry very conveniently. It provides Social media metrics, Twitter analysis, brand analysis, competitive intelligence, workflow, engagement, key influencers, and demographics. It’s like a report card which gives the overall well being of brands from development to failures.

    6. CS Engagement: It allows brands to interact with their customers as well as monitor conversations. Via engagement console can integrate various social media platforms such as multiple twitter handles, Facebook account and all the pages associated with the brand are integrated as well and chatter streams. Workflow functions with team mates are even possible on the go! If you have a VOC (Voice of the customer) team the desktop version will help teams to work on the go!

    7. Competitive Analysis: Radian6 offers users comprehensive coverage of listening, monitoring and discussing on the social web about the Interaction of their customers with brand products as well as competitors. Given the same industry,  it’s easy to track which competitor was trending, and for what reasons. Based on the no of total post & sentimental analysis you can get a feel of how the market interacts with your competitor. You can build your strategy to play around with their weekends.  

    8. Tracking Leads Generated: Radian6 is now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, so its integration with is improving with each release. You can drive revenue by understanding what content drives traffic, finding the conversations that will convert into prospective sales. Discover purchase signals and point-of-need conversations or even intercept discussions with competitors. Plus, you can take advantage of the integration capabilities, linking you to Salesforce CRM, Service Cloud, web analytics, and more.

    8. Sentiment Analysis: Radian6 is one of those matured tool which has the capability of automated sentiment reviews on-topic posts as they come in, determines the sentiment of the post at the sentence level, and aggregates a positive, negative, or neutral designation at the post level based on specifies sentiment keywords and phrases. To BigData is aggressively used to identify is our customers are happy about our products & services. Radian6 sits as an overlay to this technology and can give you real-time data of how your customers are feeling at a given time for brands to course correct and not lose revenue and goodness of the customers.

    10.  Media Monitoring: Brand is facing the pressure of being present in all the social channels right from Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Blog, YouTube to Forum. In this case radian6 will help you identify which are the most effective channels and can guide towards how much resource and budget brand need to invest in a given social channel to assure maximum ROI.

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