1. Bill Genereux

    What The Amish Can Teach You About DS106


    The Daily Create for today was pretty interesting. Given a prompt from an idea generator website, we were supposed to write a blog post. A couple of people shared titles that had to do with the Amish and DS106. These two things, a religious group that eschews technology and a …

  2. Bill Genereux

    An Audience of One


    Photo Credit-Jim Richardson

    I just visited a website of an unnamed person doing the DS106 digital storytelling course and I experienced a classic error that my own students tend to do when I ask them to publish school work in a blog format. That person wrote for an audience of …

  3. Bill Genereux

    Happy 50th Star Trek!


    Fifty years ago, one of the best television shows ever made was first aired – Star Trek! We love Star Trek at my house. A few years ago I made this video of myself and I thought it appropriate for today.

    But then I saw this tweet:

    In an office? …

  4. Bill Genereux

    What A Crappy Font Will Do


    This is a DS106 visual assignment that challenges us to remix an existing corporate logo with a bad font (or an improved font). At 4 stars, I think the difficulty rating is somewhat inflated. Granted, I’ve been doing this kind of work for a while, but this assignment only took …

  5. Bill Genereux

    Clyde 150th Celebration


    In our first week of class, the KSU Digital Media team (KSUDigMe for short) recorded a history of Clyde, Kansas to help celebrate the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of its founding. This coming Labor Day weekend, several thousand people from all over will attend the annual Clyde Watermelon Festival and hear …

  6. Bill Genereux

    First Daily Create for Fall 16


    I haven’t been very good about making regular blog posts for a long time. I aim to work on that this semester. We have a good bunch of students in Digital Media Technology this year. My 2nd year students are studying digital storytelling with me and the DS106 community. …

  7. Bill Genereux

    Welcome to my Nightmare


    Well, it is week two of Digital Storytelling and the theme this week is Welcome To My Nightmare. Speaking of nightmares, last night I had one. I woke up heart a-pounding and yelling out as a zombie was eating my face. I think it used to really bother my wife …

  8. Bill Genereux

    Essence of Me – Daily Create No. 1328


    Process: I found ten photos on my Facebook page I was willing to share in video form. I used Camtasia for editing. It is my go-to editor for quick and dirty, not-too-fancy video editing. I threw in a music snippet I had handy on my hard drive. Looped 12 seconds …

  9. Bill Genereux

    One Day in the Persian Gulf

    HMS Gloucester, USS Missouri & allies in the Persian Gulf War

    For me, February 25, 1991 was an unforgettable day. It was on that day that I was stationed aboard the USS Missouri doing shore bombardment off the coast of Kuwait. Not only were we in an Iraqi minefield, …

  10. Bill Genereux

    Tales from KSU


    This fall, I am offering for the first time a course in digital storytelling. I have some online students and some face to face students. Since all of the activities are computer-based and shared online, I am working with the two groups together. In fact, we are collaborating with the …

  11. Bill Genereux

    Reimagined Roadsigns


    This is a visual communications assignment we are working on in my Digital Media 1 class. The idea is to take an ordinary road sign and reinterpret it to show what is going on beyond the sign’s borders. I love playing with negative space, so this is what I came …

  12. Bill Genereux

    Media Literacy of College Students


    I’m reading a dissertation called, “MEDIA CREATION AND THE NET GENERATION: COMPARING FACULTY AND STUDENT BELIEFS AND COMPETENCIES REGARDING MEDIA LITERACY WITHIN HIGHER EDUCATION” by Hans Schmidt. It’s pretty fascinating to me because much of it confirms what I have personally experienced and have long suspected about so-called “Digital Natives” …

  13. Bill Genereux

    Light Switch Cover


    Design a light switch cover that incorporates the switch into the design. Print it out and display it somewhere. Post a digital copy of your work online so others can download & print it out as well.

    My digital media class is working on this idea and we plan to …

  14. Bill Genereux

    Combining Science & Art in “Evolution”


    This animation about evolution is the best combination of science and art that I’ve seen in a very long time. Creator Tyler Rhodes has captured the essence of good science education by tapping in to the natural desire of kids to create something. Instead of “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and …

  15. Bill Genereux

    Funny News Animated GIF


    This recent news story comes from Australia, and it was so weird and funny I decided to animate it. Here is the original picture and story:

    And here is my animated version:

    Animated gifs have been floating around the web for a long time. They are basically a series of …

  16. Bill Genereux

    Daily Create


    Today’s Daily Create over at the DS106 site is to video record an object in motion. I’m looking around. I’m thinking to myself, what do I have nearby that moves? Oh, yeah, my phonograph moves. I’ll record whatever record is on it. So here you go…

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