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    Module Three: Mapping


    For the third module the class was required to make their own websites dedicated to whatever theme they wanted. I decided to do the mapping focus. These means that I had to make a website that had to deal with mapping out someone or something’s travel. I decided to map …

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    Digital Polarization


    For this DGST 101 project we had to research an internet claim and trace it back to it’s source to figure out if it is true or not. My group investigated that the oldest child is the most intelligent of the siblings. We were able to find out that this …

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    The second module for that we looked at in this class deals with culture. We wanted to look at something that impacts our lives and tries to make a change. My group and I decided to look at #Activism. This module had us look at hashtags that deal with issues …

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    Module 1: Creativity


    For my project I chose the gaming module. As I explained before I chose this module because games are one of my interest and one day I hope to be a part of the gaming industry. For this module I decided to look into the gaming world and see which …

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    Module 1 pick


    I decided to go with the gaming module. I reasoning behind this choice is pretty simple, I hope to go into the video game business so it might be a good idea to learn more about its history and even how to create my own game.…

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    Advice for Next Year


    My advice for anyone who is thinking about taking this classes is, and i can’t stress this enough, look up the application you will be working with and practice before class starts! You have access to the weekly assignment so look up what you need to use and learn it! …

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    Final Project


    For my final project I decided to one of my favorite band’s album and turn some songs into something new. For the final I took Panic! At the Disco’s new album, Death of a Bachelor. I will go though each the songs that inspired me and go over what …

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    Final Project Update


    Last update I felt a little lost. I had a vague idea of what to do but no core concept. Now I have a core concept and my idea has changed. Music is very important to me. So I wanted to take my love of music and do something with …

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    Final Project Proposal


    I am still trying to brain storm some idea for the final. For my final project I know I would like to use visual, writing, audio, and video as my mediums. These are the mediums I feel most comfortable using so that should allow me to do something bigger with …

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    Week 11


    Week 11 was very easy. Since it was a mashup week there didn’t feel like there was any new technology that need to be learned. This week was combining all the stuff that we had learned from previous weeks. I enjoyed this week. Here is my work:

    Make a Tutorial
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    I’m Ready For My Closeup


    The purpose of this assignment is to take a dramatic close up of a character and put in on top of a cute background. I decided to use Captain America because he is one of my favorite superheroes and I figured there would be some good dramatic photos of him. …

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    Holiday Mashup remix


    For this assignment I had to take three holidays and create a photo that combines them. The remix that got paired up with this was called pretty in pink. That means I just need to add pink to the final product. I used the holidays Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas because …

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    Ds106 Mashup remix


    The purpose of this assignment was to mash two an image and text together to make a new image. The remix that I used on this assignment was to include a Dr. Seuss character. I figured the best character to use was the Cat in the Hat because he is …

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    For my tutorial I used the assignment I’m ready for my close up. The purpose of this assignment is to take a dramatic close up of a character and put in on top of a cute background.

    First step was to find the photos I needed. I just googled the …

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    Week 10


    Week 10 was surprising easy. Because week 10 was a continuation of week 9, it make me more time to learn how use the tech that is need and reenforce these new techniques.  The assignments were easier to handle because we had learned what doesn’t work last week. Here is …

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    Classical-Modern Mashup


    This assign was a lot of fun. I had to take a pop song and put a classical song over it to make it look like the pop artist was dancing to the classical music. Here is the video that I produced

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    5 Seconds Of Fame


    The challenge for this assignment was to make a 5 second funny video. It was just like making a vine. For my video I decided to expose how gross my roommate is. Sorry for the language.


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    Animal Dance Off


    For this assignment we had to find a video of an animal dancing and put music over it. I decided to look up corgis because I think they are some of the cutest dogs. Here is the video I made:

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    Week 8


    Here we are. An update on week 8. Week 8 was cool because it was working with websites and changing them into your own image. It was really cool to see how websites and things that are on the web are created. Here is my work for this week

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    Google Translate Fail


    For this assignment I decided to take lyrics from a song and put it into Google translate. I’ve seen this done before and the results are pretty hysterical. I decided to go with a pretty popular song so I use Drunk in Love by Beyonce.

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    Radio Listen


    This week the class got to listen to everyone radio show projects. The Show that I would like to focus on is History 2.0. I liked this show because it discussed many major news stories that are going on right now. It was interesting to see what news stories are …

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    Best of ds106 showcase


    These tweets and Daily Creates should get recognition for being the best because they when above what was asked of them.

    The goal of this daily create was to take a picture of a bird and give it human arms. I really liked this one because it looks pretty realistic,…
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    Week 7


    I’m not going to write a lot here this week because I used the radio show update as a weekly summary this week. The one thing I will talk about is how I’ve come to use audio. Week 4, the audio week, was the hardest for me. I couldn’t figure …

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    Radio Show Progress


    As the second week of the radio show project comes to an end, I am happy to say it went well. I think the concept of the show was good and I believe the group was able to work well together. There were some obstacles we had to overcome which …

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