1. brian b

    Animate (SOME) of the GIFs!


    Not all GIFs are created equal. Some just need a little help.

    I haven’t posted more than once in a day in a while, but I’m really excited about my little interactive images kick from earlier.

    I got links to work on top of an animated GIFs. After cracking my …

  2. brian b

    In ds106, Shark Jumps YOU


    It was one of those days, and I couldn’t pass this one up.

    The Headless ds106 is in full swing, and this week is Design Week. I love design work because it makes me think hard about how to communicate ideas both subtly and artfully. You can see some of

  3. brian b



    This summer, I survived the ds106zone. There was a creative blitz that I’ve been wanting to carry through the fall. But life (literally) has come into my life, and I haven’t been able to carry the momentum.

    Right now, the ds106 community is tracking through a self-inflicted …

  4. brian b

    Who is that guy?


    My computer is getting pretty full of photos. I’ve been taking more, but it is also housing nearly every photo taken since my wedding in 2009. I know that is chump change to a lot of people, but it’s been bugging me.

    I was going back through some of my …

  5. brian b

    Roll it, baby


    Two or three weeks ago, I was home alone, tasked with priming the new drywall in my kitchen. I decided to geek it up a little bit and film the entire process so I could come back and time lapse the work.

    I tried using a couple different time lapse …

  6. brian b

    Would the REAL @IAmTalkyTina Please Stand Up?


    My schedule has been picking up like crazy, and I’m afraid this may be my last ds106 post for the summer semester. Maybe I can get one or two more assignments in, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    That being said, it’s time to clear the air.

    I …

  7. brian b

    The Drive By


    Short post this morning, but last night on my way home from work, I did a short drive-by reflection. I was thinking about connections and how those impact those around us. It’s in two segments, but edited into one file. The only major editing I did was to compress the …

  8. brian b

    Once You’re In…


    …there’s no escape.

    I wanted to catch up on assignments for the ds106zone, so I hopped in on this week’s audio work. An easy one to get in was create a radio bumper for the ds106radio channel using a short clip from The Twilight Zone.

    I deviated a little …

  9. brian b

    GIF a Trip


    Last night, I posted a photo set of images taken every mile for 20 miles.

    Today, they’re alive and in color.

    Central IL is pretty flat, so you can drive fast.

    This was the hardest GIF I’ve done to date. First, I imported everything into GIMP as layers. Then, I …

  10. brian b

    Riffing 10 Steps into 20 Miles


    I was in Centralia, IL all day today (5/22), which is about 5 hours from where I live. Somewhere in between hour 1 and boredtodeathville, I was trying to think up something I could do for ds106 while I was driving. My mind flashed back to an assignment in which …

  11. brian b

    When you’re in a pinch…


    I’m traveling today and tomorrow to lead some training on Flipped Learning and let’s just say it hasn’t been the smoothest trip so far.

    First, I thought (my own fault, btw) we were doing Mac training. Turns out, we’re doing PC. So, I partitioned my hard drive and managed to …

  12. brian b

    How To: Riker


    Week 1 of the summer ds106 course has begun, and I’m trying to stay on top of the work and do as much as I can with the rest of the summer cohort. I feel like I’ve got the chops, I just hope I have the time.

    Today, to kick …

  13. brian b

    Life at 42


    People say life gets more complicated as you get bigger. Well, I’m at 42, and I couldn’t disagree more.

    I might not be as quick or nimble as the 19′s, but I sure am a heck of a lot more agile than the 52′s or even the 48′s. Admittedly, I …

  14. brian b

    Wiggle Stereogram


    I mentioned last night that I’m going to work along with UMW’s summer DS106 section beginning next Monday. In order to get ready, I’m cracking my GIF knuckles and getting my workflow down so I can spend more brain power on problem solving rather than just doing the work.

    I …

  15. brian b

    Where is all the time? #ds106 #4life


    I saw a post this afternoon about a new section of #ds106 starting for a five-week summer course. I’ve dabbled in the Daily Creates from time to time, which included my very first-ever animated GIF,

    My first animated GIF.

    and I’ve enjoyed those a lot.

    I’ve decided that I’m going …

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