1. brittanyjag

    GIF in Motion of ME


    I FINALLY got it. It took me so long to do this GIF in motion by scratch without Professor. Seslow’s help. I think the hardest part is the final step, which is the timeline part. I was so confused on how to get all of the images to play all …

  2. brittanyjag

    Halfway done!


    The semester is almost over! The level of excitement is real. I always thought that fall semester goes by way faster than the spring, maybe because we have more days off for fall semester. It’s been very hectic with all of these tests. I feel like going crazy having to …

  3. brittanyjag

    Making a GIF in Motion on my own!


    Today in class, I made another GIF in motion with the help of my classmate Selena. We followed the steps but we got stuck at the end. Somehow, she figured out the timeline part. All we had to do was make frames from layers and thats what we had the …

  4. brittanyjag

    GIF in Motion!


    Today in class we learned how to create a GIF in motion! When I was browsing through the website, I saw different ones and thought they looked great. I honestly thought it was going to be really difficult to create one but Prof. Seslow walked us through it just fine. …

  5. brittanyjag

    Playing around with Panoramic


    Today in class, we learned how to do a panoramic.

    I always knew about this feature on my phone but never really used it. This feature is amazing, you can basically duplicate yourself in one photo, and even add others in it. My classmate, Olivia and I, did one together. …

  6. brittanyjag

    First Meme


    By far, CT 101 has been my favorite class this semester. Prof. Seslow is amazing and super chill. I knew this class was gonna be fun because my friend recommended it. I’m really enjoying it and I’m glad to be learning new things. Learning how to make a meme was …

  7. brittanyjag

    What makes me happy on the internet


    Recently, a video went viral on the internet. I was scrolling through Instagram, and I noticed that my favorite artist, Chris Brown reposted the video. The video was a little 2-year-old boy named Roman who was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. He was so excited to show his dog, Maggie that …

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