1. Bryan Alexander

    Welcome to this blog


    Thank you for stopping by.  This is the archived blog in support of The New Digital Storytelling.

    For a couple of years I used this to share digital stories and to explore these new narrative forms.  I’m no longer updating the blog, but you are welcome to peruse its contents.  …

  2. Bryan Alexander

    Long-form journalism meets digital storytelling


    “Snow Fall” is a fascinating experiment.  It’s the story of an avalanche in the American northwest.  That story appears in text format, along the lines of long-form journalism.  But “Snow Fall” also includes well done, nicely selected multimedia, including a 3d map/flyover of the catastrophe’s location, photos from involved people, …

  3. Bryan Alexander

    New interactive fiction


    howling dogs” is a splendid new piece of interactive fiction.

    The plot concerns a person charged with visualizing certain scenes.  I phrase this in such a vague, cold way in order to save you the pleasure of exploring its unsettling plot and lyrical beauty.

  4. Bryan Alexander

    On Cowbird


    Transom has a nice piece explaining Cowbird.

    It’s a good introduction.  The article also gives us a good sense of how far Cowbird has come.  Now it has a library.  Now it’s a multimedia storytelling first-step tool.

  5. Bryan Alexander

    Mad Twitter story of the year


    Weirdest Twitter story: a madman wrote a fanfiction epic based on Harry and the Hendersons (1987).  It is very odd.

    “Hi, I continue the saga of Harry and the Herndersons. Also have head injure.”

    [A]fter Harlod leaves the Hendersons—or what’s left of them, in the wake of …

  6. Bryan Alexander

    Writing the blog novel


    One prolific blog-novelist explains why she chose that format.  It’s a very rich discussion.

    The temporal structure of blogging helped with productivity.  ”A big part of it was the extra pressure to deliver: I had committed to a post every day, so that’s what I did.”

    The social aspect was …

  7. Bryan Alexander

    The rabbit’s quest


    Ruby’s Quest is a fascinating example of digital storytelling.  It combines old-school adventure gaming with interactive fiction and social media.

    The plot concerns one Ruby, an anthropomorphic rabbit, who awakens in a mysterious place.  She needs to figure out where she is, what happened to her, and how to escape.…

  8. Bryan Alexander

    Twittering the trenches


    More Twitter history: follow the WWI tweets of one William Grudgings.

    In 1916 I left my job as a schoolteacher at Cobden Street school, Loughborough and joined the Leicestershire Regiment. I served with the 8th Bn in France.

    Checking @williams_war reveals a stream like so:

    Yet another example of …

  9. Bryan Alexander

    A family food story


    Here’s a fine story about food, memory, and family: Josef, by Brad Johnson.

    A fine example, too, of the classic Center for Digital Storytelling form.  Autobiographical, emotionally charged and complex, nicely written.

    (via the CDS Facebook site)

  10. Bryan Alexander

    Digital storytelling in Virginia


    I visited the University of Mary Washington yesterday, which is always a treat. They have a fine group of digitally advanced faculty, backed up by the mad genius of their storytelling-happy DTLT crew.

    Apparently I needed to physically restrain myself from commenting at that point.

    Over lunch I led a …

  11. Bryan Alexander

    Historical storytelling via Twitter


    Here’s another example of storytelling by Twitter: Revolution Daily. This feed looks at American Revolutionary events, posting snippets and summaries on the same date as they occurred.

    For example,

    Note the same-date timestamp.

    Revolution Daily is also a Twitter-based example of what I call “temporally structured archival blogging” (in …

  12. Bryan Alexander

    Web story game: Unmanned


    Unmanned is the latest game from Molleindustria, and it’s a fascinating one for digital storytelling purposes.

    The story concerns one day in a drone operator’s life.  Depending on how you play, he awakens from bad dreams, then drives to work, where he remotely tracks targets via drone.  He also interacts …

  13. Bryan Alexander

    New interactive fiction platform launches


    A new tool for making interactive fiction has launched.  Playfic uses the excellent Inform 7 software, and keeps it on the Web.

    The results should look familiar to any IF fan:

    Once again gaming and storytelling collide.  It’s one of the fruitful story collisions of our time, as I argue …

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