1. Bryan Jackson

    Early Demos from My New Fake Band


    In a few different broadcasts over the past year, I’ve messed around with some of the various filters and effects available with the free version of Nicecast and found its dials and visual interface both a lot of fun and helpful in the makeshift studios I’ve set up in my …

  2. Bryan Jackson

    The Bears in their Natural Habitat


    In a year that has seen much public discussion of the teaching profession in British Columbia, it’s important to do a few things every day to remind ourselves that we are incredibly lucky to do this job. This spring’s Thirty Person Rock Band project has made for many such opportunities, …

  3. Bryan Jackson

    Why Doodling Matters


    Why Doodling Matters by Giulia Forsythe

    One of the extra-special pieces of the Unplugd experience was not only being able to spend some time around an actual campfire with #Ds106Radio fire-mate Giulia Forsythe, but being able to collaborate with her in preparing the second chapter of the summit publication, …

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