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    *Grand Finale*


    As I have gotten to reflect over the course of this class, I’ve realized just how much I have grown and my skills have improved. My video editing ability alone has gotten so much better than it was when I started. I feel like I’ve become so much more open …

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    Viva La Panama!


    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Natalie. Her mother was born in Panama and her father was born in America, as she had been as well. When she grew older, Natalie learned about her mother’s heritage and that it meant that she was half Panamanian and half …

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    Though I didn’t follow the exact constraints of this assignment, I was definitely inspired by it! I knew I wanted to sing a song in Spanish (even though I shouldn’t torture anyone with that) for my story because my mother always sang and I thought it was a great …

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    More Than Just A “Gringa”


    I picked this assignment from the Design bank because I thought it weaved into my Final Project narrative nicely. I think if I had anything to suggest or provide a “how-to” it would be for discovering or even reclaiming culture or identity that has been lost because you were born …

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    All The Lovely Ladies


    If you have never seen a pollera, I suggest you do because they are such a beautiful cultural item for Panama. They primarily consist of a white dress adorned with gold jewelry and an accent of a color of the woman’s choice. Two polleras are never the same, as each …

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    You Gotta Bring It On


    I have loved all the Bring It On movies since I was young. I was a cheerleader once, believe it or not, so these movies really spoke to my peppy soul at the time. I remember them fondly, so even when the new ones came out, I would still watch …

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    To Inspire Some Hope


    For the visual segment of my final project, I was inspired by this assignment to remix President Obama’s famous campaign photo. His says “Hope” and mine says “Identity” because my story deals heavily with issues of identity. I also wanted to do a mixture of the American and Panamanian flag …

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    Week 4: Are We There Yet?


    I’m really happy with what I have created for this class so far but I am also happy that this semester is almost over! I think I have improved so much in photo editing alone because I have to do it so frequently for the daily creates and I love …

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    The Good, The Bad, And The Unexperienced


    Going into this scene analysis assignment, I was a little nervous. Sometimes I have trouble with analyzing camera elements because I don’t have a lot of experience with filming professional looking video or video production. I’m really a camera on a tripod kind of girl. So, I went into this …

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    This Is Awkward…


    I wanted to switch this assignment up. It called for a mashup of clips from a period piece, so I decided to do a mashup up of a modern piece of film instead. The movies I used clips from were Mean Girls, The Vow, and Dear John, all of which …

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    Week 3: Real Life And School Life Collide


    I didn’t look forward to audio week at first. I really hate the sound of my voice and having to listen to it over and over in order to edit isn’t my cup of tea. However, when I learned we would be listening to podcasts this week I was ecstatic. …

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    If I Have To Say One Thing…


    I got to explore different genres of podcasts I have never experienced before this week. Even though at first I was dragging my feet a little (I’m very particular about my podcasts), in the end I actually enjoyed myself. That was the positive of this audio introduction, however, there were …

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    Please, No One Drag Me


    When I found out that we would be critiquing each other’s blog posts, I was a little nervous. I share a lot of personal stories on my blog and that would make anyone vulnerable to criticism. But, I knew that it was all going to be constructive and in good …

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    I Mention Cheese, Again


    Below are the three podcasts from The Truth Podcast that I listened to. I really went blindly into each one and I selected these three mostly by their titles. I’ve never listened to a performance art podcast before, so this was a new experience all together. It was odd at …

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    I tackled “Ghost Stories” from RadioLab, a program I had never really heard of, because, well…I love ghosts. Never seen one, but I’m remaining optimistic. Anyway, on to the show. RadioLab was vastly different than the This American Life because of their use of sound effects and their introduction. They …

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    The Sound Of My Voice


    I’ve been familiar with Ira Glass and his work for a while now as I am an avid listener to podcasts and was briefly obsessed with This American Life‘s sister podcast: Serial. What stood out most to me was when Glass spoke about the way a story is told. …

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    “Regular” Is Not a Cheese!


    I think I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now on my blog, but I am waitress at a local dinner. We serve the standard burgers but we also have a couple of specialty burgers. One is named after our owner! So, I have to internally roll my eyes every …

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    Does Gas Mileage Turn You On?


    New Girl has been one of my favorite shows since it started. I can really connect to lovable wierdo, Jess. However, I have also noticed that they have done numerous, shameless plugs for the Ford Fusion car. I mean compared to other promos in TV, they do it in a …

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