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    PANO-Sabotage for the fun of it


    One day months and months ago, I saw an image on Flicker that led me to a group called PANO-Vision. This group is dedicated to creating an art form from what they term PANO-sabotage, the deliberate use of odd motions, flips, and waves while taking a panoramic photo. It …

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    A New Glitch GIF


    I recently bought a VCR/DVD combo in order to preserve family recordings from a couple of decades ago. Initially, I am importing them into my laptop using the Power Director 9.0 program that came with the component video/USB adapter I bought. That works fine, but produces a MPEG-2 file, which …

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    Reboot GIFs


    Andrew Forgrave has given a wonderful introduction to the 1990s Reboot series, and how fun it is to create GIFs from the Number 7 episode (available on the Prisoner106 Archive page). Today I watched the episode, and once again realize that so much has been created in niches of popular …

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    Who’s Two? GIF


    There are two people who have done a lot of work to make the Prisoner106 summer Village vacation special. I have made a special GIF to honor the hidden committee that (I think) put it all together. Maybe I’m wrong, but these two are special anyway.

    2 is more than …

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    Home by Curfew & Week Five Summary


    Well, it’s been video week, and I finally made a quick little video at the end of it.

    This was made by clipping some frames from The Prisoner episode 9 “Checkmate” using MPEGStreamclip, exporting them to a folder. I first tried them as a GIF, but didn’t like a GIF …

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    Just fun between assignments


    There seems to be a disruption in the ether. The new new new new Number 2 hasn’t posted any Week Five assignments yet, so I just relaxed in the bungalow with an Independent Study student and a contract consulting gig I’ve got this week.

    But, GIFs!

    Artist and His Art…

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    Week four summary


    What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happenin’

    First, the summary of what I did this week:

    Four Daily Creates
    An “I Can Read” Prisoner-themed book
    A few animated GIFs
    An animated comic book cover
    An investigation into how The Tally Ho is made
    Plus, comments on the work of others. …

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    ROOK GIF, because


    What’s he up to?

    Well, I just thought another GIF would be good to finish the day. I’ve already commented on the chess puzzle in The Tally Ho, so I thought that puzzle could be animated. All frames taken from the Checkmate episode of The Prisoner.

    It turns out …

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    Many Happy Returns: The Book


    Many Happy Returns

    I made the basic image for this book in GIMP a few days ago, using a clip from the “Many Happy Returns” episode of The Prisoner (near the end). Most of the text I created in Word, converted to pdf, and opened as layers, positioned and sized, …

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    Investigating The Tally Ho – What’s It Got to Say?


    While watching the various episodes of The Prisoner, I’ve noticed that the Village newspaper, “The Tally Ho”, usually has nice clear headlines, but it is difficult to read the stories. Since it would not be reasonable to read while the video is running, I have clipped several examples from …

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    Week three wrap-up


    This has been visual week. Most of us have visual capabilities; that is, we see with our eyes, we are not blind, we have vision. There are those who lack this capability, so we must not forget that visual is just one aspect of digital storytelling. I am glad we …

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    Surreal Closing Credits Image


    If you watch the episodes of The Prisoner to the end, you will see very surreal scene. The penny farthing bicycle is standing in a desert with classical columns and statues with an ethereal atmosphere. What better canvas to merge in the skyful of men in bowlers from Magritte’s Golconda? …

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    Prisoner106 Photo Safari



    Week Three (Visual) includes a requirement for a photo safari:

    Complete a Photo Safari
    Take a series of pictures this week and attempt to capture at least five of the following themes (tag:prisonersafari):
    Bonus points (no not really) if you can …

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    Visual Assignment Adapt an Artist’s Work


    Visual Assignment 17 asks us to “Adapt a famous artist’s work to change or reinforce its possible message.” There are a lot of artists out there, but Warhol is always fun to work with. (There is another assignment to “Warhol something”, but I did that in the past, plus it’s …

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    My Village Vacation


    My Village Vacation[/]

    Visual Assignment 1674 asks us to, “Make a collage of five pictures from your favorite vacation destinations.” I went a little bit beyond five, but the vacation was so much fun and had so much to see!

    I took advantage of all the villagers being on holiday …

  16. byzantiumbooks

    Animated GIF Warm-ups


    Today, at the beginning of week three (visual), I decided I needed to review how to download video, select frames, and make GIFs. I watched the episode The Professor, and noted several opportunities.

    To download the episode, I grabbed its URL from the prisoner106 archive, and entered it into …

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    Week Two Summary


    The second week of prisoner106 is concluding as I write this. In some time zones (like the one where The Village is) it is already over. So today I reflect on what I have accomplished in audio.

    I did watch two of the three archived episodes, and may watch the …

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    Audio Assignment: Quotes


    Audio Assignment 220 asks us to think upon and record a quote a day. I have chosen two quotes that are appropriate for Prisoner106.

    The first may be familiar to you Harry Potter fans. Harry is slain by he-who-must-not-be-named, but awakes in a bright, foggy King’s Cross Station, and has …

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    Sound Effects Story Assignment


    sample and mix

    During Audio Week, we are asked by the Administration to create a sound effects story, with at least five sound effects. I made mine tonight by searching for some nice effects online. I used some that are listed as public domain, downloaded from SoundBible.com. I have …

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    Good Morning, Residents! We want information!


    As week one of the prisoner106 experience wrapped up, I was on the road. A 1500 mile round trip took me to a Bed ‘n’ Breakfast rendezvous in Abingdon, Virginia, and a retreat/family gathering in Bradyville, Tennessee. Along the way, driving mile after mile, my mind focused on INFORMATION.

    What …

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