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    Weekly Summary 15 and 16


    THIS IS THE LAST SCHOOL RELATED THING I WILL EVER DO!!!!! I’m graduating and could not be happier about it!

    Let’s take a look at what I did this week including my tutorials and my character creation story.

    First are my tutorials. The assignments that I made tutorials for were …

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    Alternate Star Lord Story


    Anyone who has ever read or seen anything related to the Guardians of the Galaxy has wondered who Peter Quills (Star Lords) father really is. In this scenario, we will find out how Peter will meet his father and what will happen when he does.

    First, Peter needs a way …

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    One Shot Tutorial


    Welcome to the tutorial for the One Shot Assignment! This assignment can be tricky so I’m making this tutorial to offer my advice and instruction on a simple way to complete it.

    What you will need:

    A photo with multiple subjects

    Microsoft Word

    A photo cropping tool

    Step 1: …

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    Poetry Art Tutorial for Dummies


    Welcome to the tutorial for the Poetry Art Assignment! This tutorial is titled Poetry Art Tutorial for Dummies because I will be using some very simple and easily accessible software to complete the assignment.

    What you will need:

    Microsoft Word (seriously)

    Photo Editing software with a cropping feature. I …

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    Music MashUp


    Original Assignment

    I mixed together a few songs that I thought were very dissimilar and the result was pretty cool. I just uploaded all three songs into audacity and proceeded to clip and edit tracks until I had the first part down. The last part of the song is just …

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    The Good Jurassic Dinosaur


    Original Assignment

    I mashed together the new trailer for the movie “The Good Dinosaur” and the audio for “Jurassic World” and the result I thought was pretty funny. I just used Windows Movie Maker and imported the audio that I had clipped in audacity to play over top of the …

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    But Wait There’s More!


    Original Assignment

    I looked up a cool techno beat and then let my imagination run wild with the ad. How can you resist?

    I thought the result was funny, and I liked the concept of this random assignment. I always have a hard time choosing which assignment to do so …

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    Remix Audio


    Here I try to explain what I learned abou remixing. I think it’s funny to look back on all of the work I have done in this class and then add in the concept of remixing and it seems like almost everything I’ve done has been a form of a …

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    Lip Sync Assignment


    Original Assignment

    I chose this assignment because I will take any excuse to listen to more music! I love the band “Haken” and I listen to all of their songs all of the time. They make concept albums which are one long story themselves so I thought they would be …

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    Week 11/12 Summary


    Weeks 11/12 is over and the semester is starting to wind down! I will be graduating in just a few weeks and I could not be more excited. This week in ds106 was full of video assignments. Some were challenging and frustrating, and some were easier and fun.

    In regards …

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    Weekly Summary 10


    Week’s Over. It’s late so I’m going to keep this summary a little bit shorter than usual. It was also a fairly short week in terms of how much total work there was, although each individual assignment took longer than usual.

    First we looked at Rodger Ebert’s piece on “reading …

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    Lip Sync Assignment


    The Original Assignment

    I chose this assignment because I will take any excuse to listen to more music! I love the band “Haken” and I listen to all of their songs all of the time. They make concept albums which are one long story themselves so I thought they would …

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    Movie Clips and Reflections


    The original Assignment

    I chose this assignment because I really really like movies and I think there a lot of inspirational movies out there that I want to share with people. Movies should be watched not just for entertainment, but they should be inspirational resources or they should make you …

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    Sensory Shootout


    I watched the ending scene of the 3:10 to Yuma three separate times. The first time with no volume, the second time with the screen turned off, and the final time with nothing turned off. I have already watched this movie about 10 times before so it was nice to …

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    Breaking Down Movies


    After Reading How To Read A Movie by Roger Ebert, I came away with a couple of immediate thoughts. My first being that Ebert’s ideas on analyzing and “reading” movies is a very interesting concept, and I love interesting concepts. His idea that you can better understand and “read” a …

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    Weekly Summary 9


    Week 9 already? This semester seems to be going by really quickly!

    This week was stressful because of personal stuff but in regards to this class it was a pretty easy week I thought. The Mozilla ExRay Goggles was such a cool idea to play around with. I really enjoyed …

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    Radio Show Reviews


    I listened to the Wack History Radio Show

    It was a clever show I thought it was a good idea to make the show about history. Making the show about a subject as endless as history allowed a for a lot of opportunity for dialogue and interesting topics. I have …

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    Not Looking for Work


    Here you’ll find Larry’s Resume. Be sure to not contact him for any type of work or job information. He’s perfectly content living in his mansion.

    Larry’s Resume by his butler using Microsoft Word and fulfills a 3 star assignment. You can find the original assignment details here

    Thank …

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    Perfect Engagement Ring


    Thinking about getting engaged? You have to check out my friends at Mordor Jewlers. Find this great new ring on their website right here. This particular ring is really hot right now. Get it for only 299.99. A bargain.

    I used Etsy because the format is relatively simple. Using …

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    Weeks 7&8 Summary


    Weeks 7&8 are done! I had something come up yesterday with my family so I’m submitting this post 1 day late. I had actually done a pretty good job of spacing out the work over the 2 week period that we were given and had some fun with the Radio …

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    Mystery Song


    I chose this Mystery Song because it’s pretty popular and I think just about everyone has heard it before. When I played it backwards, I will admit that it’s pretty hard to figure out what it is so I’ll try and make my clues helpful.

    My clues are:

    The songwriter …

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