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  1. camrynbruno3

    New Website Who Dis?

    Can I put ‘website developer’ in my Instagram Bio yet? While I have my own website, I used Wix’s easy templates and let them do all the work. This time around, for my new website, , I basically built everything from scratch and I would continue to keep it that way. I hope you … Continue reading "New Website Who Dis?"
  2. camrynbruno3

    Let me be your Muse

    In today’s class, I learned how to use panoramic features to my advantage. I know. I’m cute. (Taken by @NiannaRichards) I quickly photoshopped my left arm so that I wouldn’t look too crazy. Who knew I could look twice as beautiful in the same frame.Here’s another shot taken with two of my classmates, (@stephanievelaquez and @isabelpalacios) … Continue reading "Let me be your Muse"

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