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    The website is finally done!! Throughout my final project, I used Wix to create my own website. I started with a template that was meant to be used for tennis. I then added many features. The website itself is used as a form of design. Then, I added inspirational quotes …

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    Progress Report


    I have decided  to do an instructional website as my final project.  I will use the website itself as a media of design. I will use tutorials with video. Audio will be included in the voice over for my instruction. I will also use photography to help demonstrate tools and …

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    Senior Day …. and I’m crying


    Well this week certainly was a roller coaster. Being a web week made it so much fun for me. I especially love that I get to find new web tools like some of the ones I used for assignments and play around with them for a little bit. I did …

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    The Real Web Storytelling


    #tdc1550 #dailycreate #ds106 Corgi puppies make the world go ’round. pic.twitter.com/2mDnLhDKLC

    — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) April 6, 2016

    #tdc1548 #dailycreate #ds106 Since today feels a little bit like winter…. pic.twitter.com/BxHd2ViCgb — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) April 5, 2016

    #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1557 Mont Blanc https://t.co/Jl9lgVHIWd pic.twitter.com/7Y4AaIQlAp

    — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) April 12,

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    2 Many Seasons


    Assignment: Harness Relationships 4 Stars

    Assignment Description:

    Use the online organizational tool, Kumu, to create a web map of relationships. This can be anything: contacts, movies, your Ds106 assignments. Kumu offers a stellar way of organizing information and honing in on relationships between information. Maybe try converting a paper from …

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    Wanna Graduate?



    Alpaca My Diploma

    Its almost time to leave this place… I can’t believe 4 years have gone by so quickly, and now theres only 4 weeks left. Anyways, after I had my sentimental moment this week, I got to finishing all my assignments. I started off with Mashing Friends

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