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  1. Cris2B

    A Change of Heart

    I’m not your typical academian. Yes, that seems an oxymoron to me, too. My day job is to write and produce educational and environmental videos. At night I work as an adjunct assistant professor teaching online courses. As someone who … Continue reading
  2. Cris2B

    Opening Up

    ["Opening Up" by Cris for The Daily Create, August 10, 2014]/ Our DS106 Daily Create challenge on Sunday, August 10, was to take a photograph of opposites. With this class in mind, I took a shot of my right hand … Continue reading
  3. Cris2B

    The Firestarter

    That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. — Walt Whitman, “Oh Me, Oh Life” You get the fire started (using Dave’s metaphor that Marianne and Miranda have built on). Students gather around. If things go … Continue reading
  4. Cris2B

    Reframing the Life Course


    The title of this course is “Old Globe” and I think the old idea and connotation of old will be be very different in ten years’ time compared to now. As a result we would be merely looking at a different life stage and how populations can come up with …

  5. Cris2B

    Peaking Late . . .


    I read somewhere that the people who are most intellectually creative in later life are experimentalists rather than conceptualists. Some people start with a clear conception of what they want to do and then execute their plan. They tend to be most intellectually creative young. Others don’t start with clear …

  6. Cris2B

    Being There

    Getting there is half the fun; being there is all of it! – Chance (Peter Sellers), “Being There,” 1997 film When will I know that I’m “there”? Ageing may be a biological, psychological, and social process, but “being old” is … Continue reading
  7. Cris2B

    New Eyes


    The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. — Marcel Proust

    I’ve always been drawn to the metaphor of life as a journey. In my course, “Teaching Literature for Young Adults,” inspired by Proust’s quote, we begin by reflecting on a young …

  8. Cris2B

    Creativity for Hire?

    TweetI just finished my first commissioned video project. The “commissioned” aspect brought a whole perspective. It’s not that the expectations were high. The professional association to which I have belonged since I became a teacher decades ago is doing a … Continue reading

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