1. davebarr

    Mystical Vision (#001c)


    This vision: a marine habitat, one containing seaweed (kelp), a protozoan and a whale. The community is vulnerable, however, and being damaged by the toxic wastes emanating from a large, yellow chemical flask, containing a corrosive looking pea-green fluid in the bottom.

  2. davebarr

    Review: MAD ROOM


    Art Exhibition Review

    This Soft-Spoken Artist Shouts Through Her Art

    There has been substantial controversy in recent decades over the popular view that mental illness and creativity go hand in hand. Research shows that the two are not linked in inevitable lock-step. Nevertheless, Gloria Swain (pictured left), who speaks openly …

  3. davebarr

    Big Food: tdc633


    Close-up food looks really big…

    Daily create #633 is to “Create a video that takes a close look at the food you eat.”

    Maybe my selection is a bit biased. Show all the healthy stuff and hide the guilty pleasures? Well it’s my daily create, isn’t it?

    The several little …

  4. davebarr

    Many Ways: Daily Create


    A map with alternatives…

    The most recent daily create (#632) suggested drawing “a map that shows alternate paths from here to there.” The ‘here’ and the ‘there’ presumably are of one’s own choosing, so I set out to plot just a few of the various ways for anyone to become …

  5. davebarr

    Designblitz: Assignment


    Find design approaches…

    Although the ds106 assignment for week 6 suggested taking photographs of a number of design styles, in typical ds106 fashion I decide to change the assignment. Instead, I used a vector drawing program (DrawPlus X6 from Serif) to create my own designs exemplifying seven of the suggested …

  6. davebarr

    A Dozen Pegs: DailyCreate


    A dozen anything…

    Today’s daily create asked for a photo of a dozen anything. I contemplated making a picture of a dozen empty holes in an egg carton. That would be a dozen nothings, but eventually it proved unnecessary to sink that far.

    On an afternoon walk, my wife and …

  7. davebarr

    Palmistry: DailyCreate


    A monkey’s uncle?…

    Today’s daily create (#629) is: “Create a photo that compares the details in the palm of your hand with someone else’s – bonus points if you can ask someone that you do not know to be in your photo.”

    I think I win the bonus points for …

  8. davebarr

    1st Photoblitz: Assignment


    A dozen photos in one spot…

    The photoblitz assignment was quite a new experience. The most challenging aspect for me personally was photographing continuously for 15 minutes in a public place. My habit in public areas has been to snap and wander on, as I have found that anyone who …

  9. davebarr

    Pole Centered: DailyCreate


    A photo with a center of interest…

    This daily create (#627) called for making a photo with a central point of interest. I found this contemporary, motorized barber pole interesting because of the long history of this symbol, with a continuity of hundreds of years.

    Photo taken with an iPhone …

  10. davebarr

    Urban Sunset: DailyCreate


    A timelapse video transformation…

    Daily Create tdc626: “Make a time lapse video that shows a transformation.”

    This scene is from a bedroom window in Toronto and covers the time span from about 6:55 pm to 7:45 pm. The published time of sunset today was 7:09 pm.

    Over 1800 stills were …

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