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  1. delveee

    Super cut

    Super cuts are clips of videos that have something in common. We got a chance to make our own supercuts and I decided to  do awkward moments in movies. In imovie I made my first super cut. Its not the greatest but I am … Continue reading
  2. delveee


    Visual Assignments King Of The Meltdowns. ** The goal in the assignment is to find a picture of a celebrity of your choice and find a quote about that celebrity that links the two together and makes sense. I know Barack Obama … Continue reading
  3. delveee


    Last week in class, we were assigned into groups that were to preform a radio show that is to air Oct 30.  I was lucky enough to pair up with Elizabeth and Darrel. In our group, we had to come … Continue reading
  4. delveee

    Daily create

    dailycreate_tyler Record a familiar to you, but strange to others I thought this daily create was fun because you get to hear my son’s favorite word. I have to hear this about 20 times a day. It was fun recording this … Continue reading
  5. delveee

    Catching Up

    Yesterday I met up with Professor Smith and clearly I’ve been behind lately …… So today is crunch time!!! I will basically getting my self up to speed and catching you guys up with my daily doings.

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