1. DevinaHaitram

    Final Post



    I don’t know about you but this semester flew by! Maybe because I only go to school three days a week and we had a lot of days off within that time, BUT IT FLEW BY. Actually this entire year flew by, expect the month of January …

  2. DevinaHaitram

    What I Learned In Boating School Is…..


    Aside from being a full-time college student, I am also a part-time after school teacher. Every Monday-Friday I work in the middle schools in Far Rockaway. I spoke to my supervisor and once a week I will be assisting in teaching the children “Vlogs and Blogs”

    I am in charge …

  3. DevinaHaitram

    Happy HumpDay!


    Heard a corny joke today and I couldn’t stop sharing it with everyone:

    Are you today’s date?

    Because you’re a 10/10

    I got different reactions from everyone. Today was a good day and that joke made it better.…

  4. DevinaHaitram

    Meme Reaction


    It’s safe to say that I prefer GIFs at this moment than I do memes.

    I wasn’t really getting the hang of Photoshop since it was my very first time even opening the app. And it was daunting to say the least. My images were not uploading, or they were …

  5. DevinaHaitram

    Reaction to this class


    Okay, entering this class I went through so many mixed emotions but the I can sum them up in about 5:

    Joy when I realized that I will be learning things I have been trying to teach myself but have been epically  failing in each time I have tried.

    Fear …

  6. DevinaHaitram

    What makes me happy


    When reading this assignment I chuckled and contemplated whether or not to share this major piece of my life with strangers who may judge my weird obsession negatively. But then I thought to myself, who the hell cares! SO with that being said, the number one thing that makes me …

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