1. Chris

    Week 6 Summary


    The Design Safari was by far the most fun activity. I enjoyed having a purpose of taking pictures of random object with special meaning. The tree was the most stunning and I immediately thought of the color design element. I feel that the car and the downhill street are great …

  2. Chris

    Minimalist TV Poster


    This is a minimalist TV poster of the show Mad Men. The characters are always drinking in every episode, but in a kind of classy way, thus the martini.

  3. Chris

    My Design Safari


    My first picture is the first signs of Autumn. This is an example of the design element, Color. Out of all the green trees on the street this one stands out the most because of its contrast in color with its surroundings.

    My second picture is my street going downhill …

  4. Chris

    Week 6 Daily Create #3


    Your assignment for today: Can graffiti be beautiful? Let your photo make a statement. http://t.co/y6jZcUjK

    — The Daily Create (@DS106TDC) September 20, 2012

    Taken from: http://www.bettytsang.com/post/619429446/graffiti-laundry-chinatown-ny


    This is an overview of some buildings in downtown NYC. I saw all kinds of views like this when I was visiting, on …

  5. Chris

    DS106 Radio Show Experience


    I’ve never really thought about the mechanics of radio broadcasting until now. It’s really amazing how all of these sounds of music, stories, and other information can be streamlined to be heard everywhere by the radio. The whole DS106 class and other people involved with the DS106 radio can hear …

  6. Chris

    Dagnet the 50?s Radio Show! Ep 02: Homicide


    The first thing the radio show says is that the story is based on a true crime story, which incites a kind of excitement to the story. I remember when I would watch horror movies, they were much scarier when they are “based on a true story.” I would assume …

  7. Chris

    Summary on Audio Storytelling


    Ira Glass speaks about the two building blocks of telling a story to an audience. An anecdote, or telling a direct sequence of events can be used to bring in the audience’s attention. The anecdote builds suspense by presenting a question to the audience, and that goes into the second …

  8. Chris

    What is storytelling


    Storytelling is the passing of knowledge and/or imagination in the form of a narrative. It could be used to teach lessons and history and set examples, for example, Aesop’s fables.

    When I think of storytelling I imagine a world of impossibilities that provides a perception into another world. In a …

  9. Chris

    Say it Like the Peanut Butter


    I made a gif of the scene when Andrew and Steve, some of the main characters, are using their telekinesis abilities to fly. I recently watched this movie and I thought it was really well made and deserved a gif. I like this scene particularly because in my opinion it’s …

  10. Chris

    Daily Create Summary Post


    My first Daily Create was to draw a tribute album for a favorite band. I chose a simple album cover by Ratatat and freehanded it on Paint. I added similar colors for the clothes and added the green soundwaves to represent their sweet tones. With the name of the band …

  11. Chris

    Copyright Craziness


    According to my research, Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization based in California that promotes the free sharing of any forms of media and art via the Internet without persecution of copyright. The owner of the work can negotiate specific copyright regulations so that others can share the original owner’s …

  12. Chris




    I’m Chris and I am a junior majoring in computer info systems. I’m from Fairfax, but I currently live in an apartment in Fredericksburg. I’m 5’8″, and was born in South Korea, but I consider myself more American. I like animals. I’ve had experience with Facebook and Tumblr but …

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