1. dniepoko

    And.. The End..


    This is my last post for this course, never thought it would end this quickly! Overall, I have enjoyed my time in this course. I truly learned a lot throughout the semester that I thought I was incapable of. This week we focused on our finals.


    The Wire

    Season …

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    Thomas (Herc) Hauk


    I have most certainly changed throughout The Wire. Times are changing way too fast for me to grasp all the technology changes. Over time, I have realized things I have done wrong. No matter what I am dedicated to what I am doing, although I do tend to lose sight …

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    Thankful Herc


    Given everything that has happened, I thought it’d be best that I take the time to do this assignment on saying what I am thankful for in 10 seconds.

    So here it goes..

    My friendships specifically Kima and Carver The experience I gained The good I tried to do The…
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    Oh, Kevin


    For today’s daily create, we had to make a caption for Kevin, the penguin. Naturally, I think of The Wire.. then Omar pops into my head.

    Kevin got scared because he saw Omar, so he was yelling “Omar is coming y’all”


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    Motivational Herc


    I decided to create my own assignment and make a motivational poster for Herc. Since Herc is always willing to do what is right, I think he is dedicated. Although Herc does break the rules when he thinks it is for the greater good. You can see my process here …

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    This assignment was perfect for Herc. Marlo stole Herc’s video camera, which Herc is risking his job over.


    I used this website to create this poster. I downloaded the image of an old fashioned camera and the just uploaded it.…

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    Motivational Herc Tutorial


    For the assignment I created on creating a motivational poster for a character from The Wire, I decided to do a tutorial. Here are the steps I used:

    Pick a character from The Wire. I picked Herc Find a picture you want to use.

    Then I uploaded the picture to…
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    Busy but thankful week!


    This week was about mashups, remixes and our final project. This week I submitted my two daily create ideas and did the two tutorials as well as completed the assignments.


    The Wire

    Episode 5,6,7

     The disappearance of Lex in a alleyway is getting more attention from police and the …

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    Herc’s ID


    For this assignment on Herc, I thought it would be good to do an ID. Here is Herc’s business card, similar to what I’d think he’d handed out to Marlo in episode 8.


    I searched for a business card of Baltimore Police and found a template, then I uploaded …

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    Favorite Team Mashup


    This assignment was funny, I enjoyed making it so much I did my tutorial on it. You can see my tutorial here. I decided to combine the three favorites teams of my household; the Redskins, the Bears, and the Capitals. You can see my process in my tutorial.

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    Favorite Team Mashup Tutorial


    For this assignment you have to combine the logos of two or more of your favorite sports teams. The steps I used to create this are as followed.

    Pick your favorite sports teams Mine was: Redskins, Capitals and the Bears Decide your design I picked to have all the logos…
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    Finding Nemo


    For today’s daily create, we had to summarize a movie in two panels. I decided to do Finding Nemo because it was so fresh in my mind. I picked the two most monumental parts where Nemo gets taken and then when he is found. It really does sum up …

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    The Evolution of Herc


    This assignment was perfect to show how much Herc has changed since season 1. Although there were so many moments I could have picked from, I picked what stood out to me the most. The first thing I remember of Herc was the incident with the desk. Then, I loved …

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    Today’s daily create we left blank intentionally, which reminded me of some quotes.

    “It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.”
    ? Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated


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    Icon Description


    For today’s daily create we had to create a story out of icons. This was the Sunday right before I had three tests and two labs. All I did was wake up drink coffee, study, sleep, more coffee, and stay up all night.


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    Thinker’s Plan


    Today’s daily create was about the thinker’s plan. I am constantly thinking about my three exams coming up, but all I can really think of is break and some home cooked food! That is what will be getting me through till Tuesday evening.

    November 21st 

    I will get through Monday …

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    Military DS106 Wallpaper


    This assignment was a remix. This was actually a lot of fun, and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be! For this assignment, I had to create a ds106 wallpaper, but boot camp it as the remix. So I just thought of ideas as a flag in …

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    Two Weeks Too Many


    This time we had two weeks to complete everything for week 11 and week 12. We are still focusing on videos as our assignments as well as preparing for the final assignment.

    Week 11

    Daily Creates (2)

    The Wire- Season 3 Episodes 11 and 12. Season 4 Episode 1.

    Wow… …

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    Bubbles Swede


    For this assignment, we had to create a swede video of a scene from The Wire. This was actually so much fun! Luckily, some of my LLC members enjoy acting, so they volunteered to be in the video! We all sat together and I showed them some of my …

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    Meme and hello web


    November 12th Mouse Meme

    Such an accurate meme of my life!

    November 15- 

    When did your open web life start? Can you remember what you typed first? Tell us the story.


    The first time when i entered the web world I made my first social account with Facebook. It …

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    Prez Video Essay


    For this assignment we had to do a video essay, commentary. I picked the scene before the incident that happened in the classroom. Here is the original video without any commentary. I decided to focus on the camera angles, this was actually a little more difficult assignment.

    I mentioned how …

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    Life as a Dog


    I decided to create my own assignment, so I was thinking of something that would be fun to do. I thought about what it would be life if I spent a day as an animal. Of course, I did a day in the life of a Niepokoj dog.

    I …

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    Life of Colbie Joy


    This assignment was perfect! Someone special to me is my niece, Colbie Joy. She just entered our lives in August, but has already made such an impact in this world. Since she lives so close to UMW, I get to see her often, which can only mean a million pictures …

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    Reflection and Surrounding


    November 5th– Experimental Water Photo

    I absolutely love this picture with the sunset reflecting on the water. This was as Smith Mountain Lake, by far the most beautiful place I’ve been.


    November 7th– Sound Map

    For this daily create, we had to listen to what was around …

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    Arcade Fire and Talking Heads inspiration


    Here is a video that inspired me. You can located the original post here.

    There was so much effort that went into this assignment, and it was very apparent! I was so inspired how she made her own twist to this assignment. It was inspiring seeing how much thought …

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    Save the Cows!


    For this assignment a public service announcement was created. I had a lot of trouble thinking of what to do for this one. So a friend gave me the idea of creating it with this cow video.


    I searched for this cow video that I saw a while ago …

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