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  1. draggin

    Vancouver Draw Down: Day 28

    Day 28 Daily Drawing Project Just for Fun: Draw 3 things that come from an egg. Challenging: Draw an egg using something you have never drawn with before (think: lipstick, soy sauce, shampoo) FINALLY. An excuse to crack open these “Oilbars&#822...
  2. draggin

    Vancouver Draw Down: Day 23

    Ran out of steam on this drawing or I would have done the challenging one as well. I used a set of ear buds as my subject, and spent too long doodling in the the negative space. Kinda got exactly …Read more »
  3. draggin

    A design assignment is born

    Not long ago Mr. Grant Potter assigned me a secret mission, which I accepted. I can’t disclose the final purpose of that mission at this time, but now that I’m done, I can reveal my contribution to the project. This was …Read more &#...
  4. draggin

    Digging through the crates

    I’ve been struggling more than expected to post my ’30 second’ intro. Too many potential projects to start with, too much unfinished business.  A thread has emerged however as I have been digging through my old files, notes, shards o...
  5. draggin

    This is not an assignment

    First post into #ds106, more of a test post than anything. There is so much I want to do in this course I do not even know where or how to start. Art. Digital Art. Digital Storytelling. Next level. I’m feeling kinda cocky going in because most of...
  6. draggin

    Lets do this

    Alright, enough really is enough already. The name of my tumblr blog was SUPPOSED to instigate some blogging,  way back when, but… nothing. It may come in handy as a social media aggregator or something at some point, but it seems to be lousy ev...
  7. draggin

    >More found tapes

    > An evolving exhibition of cast away sounds Harold from sent me an email (an atrociously long time ago now), with a link to his ‘found tapes exhibition‘. This an amazing collection of found audio clips dating back to …R...

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