1. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Broken Promises for Affordable Housing


    Williamsburg- Greenpoint residents, elected officials and city-wide housing activists gathered at the East River water front on May 22 to call out Mayor Bloomberg for guaranteeing 3,500 affordable housing units back in 2005 and not living up to the promise.

    members of MAD rallying to condemn Mayor Bloomberg’s “broken promises” …

  2. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Children Rally For NYC Libraries


    Local council members, activists and children rallied on the steps of city hall on May 22 during a press conference demanding that Mayor Bloomberg restore the proposed $106 million budget cuts to libraries throughout New York City.

    Banner created in support of NYC libraries

    Council members Jimmy Van Bramer and …

  3. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Angelight Films Third Annual Fundraiser


    Angelight Films held their Third Annual Fundraiser on May 1st in Manhattan where children with brain and spinal tumors had the opportunity to present their own short films.

    Angelight Films Founder, Stephanie Angel, and three of the children involved with creating the short films.

    The founder of Angelight Films, Stephanie …

  4. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Children’s Center Research in Moldova


    Social work major Irene Hanna discussed her experience while visiting a children’s center in the Republic of Moldova during York College’s Student Research Day on Apr. 18.

    Irene Hanna discussing her research in the Republic of Moldova
    Photo Credit: Alfredo Jeff

    Hanna traveled to Moldova, along with three other students …

  5. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Young Mom of the Week


    Week of March 18th

    Meet Ingris Diaz! A 21-year-old mother from Long Island, NY who juggles school, work and a 5-year-old daughter named Natalie.

    Ingris hugging 5-year-old Natalie

    Ingris had Natalie at age 16, and found it extremely difficult to take on all the responsibilities of motherhood. Luckily for Ingris, …

  6. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Recess Gets Rained On


    This Audio Assignment is called Sound Effects Story. For this assignment, I had to create a story using strictly sound effects with no verbal communication. I used six different sound effect videos that I found on youtube. The story I was trying to tell was the school bell ringing …

  7. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Final Reflection


    As the fall semester comes to an end, my time with ds106 will also come to an end as well. Overall, I found the course interesting. It was different than what I thought it would be but I still enjoyed doing many of the projects. I enjoyed doing the daily …

  8. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Final Project Idea!


    For my final project, I’m not 100% sure about what I want to do but I’m leaning more towards creating a second radio show since I enjoyed doing the first one. I’m thinking of making another bumper that would give listeners a better sense of who I am while listening …

  9. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Jim Grooms Archive Discussion


    I found Jim Grooms discussion on archives very interesting. What we put on our facebook pages, blogs, flickr, twitter, instagram etc is a reflection of the person. When people look you up, they get a sense of who you are based on what you post about yourself. This discussion gave …

  10. Elizabeth Ortiz

    I was a traveler


    The design assignment that I chose was “What I did when I was Younger.” This is a picture of me when I was younger, probably about 3 or 4 years old. When I was younger, my mom used to take me on a lot of vacations. Using funnywow.com, I put …

  11. Elizabeth Ortiz



    This Visual Assignment is called Cogdog’s Illustrate 106. When I thought of an image that represents the number 106, the first thing I thought about was a famous show in New York called 106 & Park. Growing up, 106 & Park played the latest videos and also had celebrities as …

  12. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Pretty Puppy


    This visual assignment that I chose to do was “Makeup your pet.” I chose this assignment because I thought it was really cute. I actually don’t have my own pet, but I did always want a Golden Retriever. I used pixlr.com to edit this photo, which I got from Google …

  13. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Light & Dark


    For this Visual Assignment, I had to change a photo from light to dark or dark to light. I did from light to dark as you can see. Using Adobe photoshop, I placed the photo side by side. Using curves, I was able to adjust the black and white on …

  14. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Daily Creates- Nov.12-16


    Last week I did two of the daily create assignments.

    The first assignment I did was drawing a circle and filling it in with a color that represented how I felt that day. I used the highlighters I had in my bad, green, orange, and pink, and filled in the …

  15. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Flowers Brighten Up Sad Days


    The Visual Assignment for this picture is called Splash the Color. I used Adobe photo shop to make the color splash. I decided to just leave color in the flowers because everything at a cemetery is usually dark and gloomy. The flowers were the only things that brought color or …

  16. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Daily Creates!


    I really enjoy doing the daily creates because it allows you to do things that you may not think of doing on your own. I enjoy doing daily creates that involve the outdoors because you learn to appreciate nature a lot more.…

  17. Elizabeth Ortiz

    First Week of DS106


    The first week of DS106 seemed complicated at first, but I feel like I am starting to get the hang of things now. So far I have learned how to create my own web hosting page, but I have also realized that I have to bring out my creative side. …

  18. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Reflecting on No Digital Face Lifts


    After watching Gardner Campbell’s No Digital Facelifts, I think the idea of becoming my own “sys admin” is very cool and interesting. Now that I have my own web hosting page, I’m excited about all the different things I can do. I can post blogs, embed media, and link my …

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