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  1. Joan Shaffer

    UF Digital Assembly Symposium

    Digital Platforms and the Future of Books January 20 & 21, Smathers Library, Room 1A As cultural and intellectual discourse becomes digitized at an ever-accelerating rate, what will become of books? According to several prominent literary theorists...
  2. Joan Shaffer

    There is Time for Picturing Prufrock

    I haven’t participated in any #ds106 assignments for sometime. Lame, I know. Anyway, the Picturing Prufrock assignment caught my attention. The assignment asked that you choose an image from T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufr...
  3. Joan Shaffer

    Mapping Data with Processing

    I’m still working with DoD’s Operation Enduring Freedom data. Here, I decided to plot the number of soldier causalities by home state using Processing. The tutorial I’m following is from Ben Fry’s book Visualizing Data. The map ...
  4. Joan Shaffer

    Gephi Visualization

    I’ve been toying around with Gephi an open source visualization platform for a project I’m involved with. I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, until I ran across Tony Hirst’s tutorial: Visualising Twitter Friend Connections Usin...
  5. Joan Shaffer

    Light Writing

    After completing yesterday’s Daily Shoot assignment, I decided to try a little light writing photography. I’ve been a fan of light writing photography for some time, but never experimented with it. I used a laser light (cat toy) to outline ...
  6. Joan Shaffer

    ds106- Assignment 1

    It was this back and forth internal dialogue that finally decided what the hell, why not give ds106 a try. I'm a grown up. I can take a little public shame and humiliation. As such, here is my 30 second story.

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