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  1. elmaestro

    Final Project

    From this course, I mostly learned how to run and how to be the administrator of a blog. It wasn’t easy first, because even though I am majoring computer science I’m still a freshmen. Then it went very easy and … Continue reading
  2. elmaestro

    Animated GIF

    Indeed !!! I could be able to create my own animated GIF by using photoshop (Which is not a software I can easily) ! This is from the anime Naruto. Naruto summoned the big frog to help him in a … Continue reading
  3. elmaestro

    My taste, My Creativity

    The tastes is different , but the creativity is infinite. We can never stop creating and inventing things, but the taste depend of each single person in the world. Personally, creating means changing , developing and improve the world. One … Continue reading
  4. elmaestro

    No digitals face lift

    Being my own “Sys Admin” is a very good thing, because i can create, update and modify everything I want and whenever I want. In other words, I am free to do everything.  
  5. elmaestro

    The First Week

    On this first week of DS106, I’ve learned many things, such as how to create a web site, creating a blog, and also how to manage it since we are the administrator of it. It wasn’t that easy for me, … Continue reading

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