1. Emily DelRoss

    Video Essay: “The King’s Speech”


    After hitting a whole bunch of stumbling blocks, I am done with my first video assignment!!! Wooooo!!!

    You can watch it now, but be nice. In retrospect, did kind of a silly thing; I videoed myself. So you not only have to listen to my voice, but you also have …

  2. Emily DelRoss



    So I just watched Andy Rush’s “Fast, Cheap, and Under Control.” He was fantastically detailed and had an enormous amount of resources that seem to be super useful for video editing business. I was feverishly taking notes the entire time (because I’m a paranoid OCD freak who gets scared she …

  3. Emily DelRoss

    Preproduction: Opening Credits Redux


    I think for this assignment I would like to redo the opening credits of the movie “About a Boy.” This is another of my favorite movies. I know its silly and predictable at times, but I just love it; it makes me feel happy whenever I watch it.

    I can’t …

  4. Emily DelRoss

    TDC Weekly Recap


    Sunday, March 18: Windows, gates, & doors represent the liminal state between two realities. Photograph that idea.

    Boundary: Luckily these drawers act as boundary between my disorganized clothes and my somewhat organized living space.


    Saturday, March 17: If you had 3 more hours to live, what would you do, …

  5. Emily DelRoss

    Daily Create: Weekly Recap


    Sunday, March 11: Celebrate religious architecture with a photo of your favorite temple, mosque, church, etc.

    St. Barnabas Church: This is the church I grew up going to. Although I don’t attend mass regularly anymore, it is still reminds me of home and is really comforting.


    Thursday, March 8: …

  6. Emily DelRoss

    The Final Cut!!!


    Guess what just happened?! Eagle Radio!!! Margaret, Leslie, Candice, and I just wrapped up our last group meeting to polish up our radio show- and, I believe it’s safe to say that we are done!!!

    I must say, this is quite a relief. As I’m sure it has been pretty …

  7. Emily DelRoss

    Letters in Your Surroundings


    Just made up a new design assignment! Yayy!

    The inspiration of this assignment was my trip to Savannah, Georgia this spring break with my friend Caitlin. We had a super fun time walking around River Street and taking a trolley tour of the city. I had never been there, so …

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