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  1. ericgreenlaw

    Final Project

    Christian and I created two infographics that explored student tendencies of cheating and plagiarism in colleges and universities. We learned that a pretty good sized minority has committed a minor offense, such as copying some text from a source without citing it, and that larger offenses such as purchasing a full paper and passing it […]
  2. ericgreenlaw

    Propaganda Campaign

    Our group did a propaganda campaign opposing gun control laws. We found a good number of images that help portray our position on the subject. The pictures we chose use two different strategies, a satiric approach and a direct approach. We chose a fair amount of comedic pictures because satire is so useful for grabbing […]
  3. ericgreenlaw

    Pros and Cons of the Webs

    Web 1.0 Pros: mostly reliable information simple Cons: not interactive less information available Web 2.0 Pros: more interactive more information available Cons: sometimes the information is less reliable because anyone can edit it Web 3.0 Pros: virtua...
  4. ericgreenlaw

    Articles for Thursday

  5. ericgreenlaw

    Information/Communication Representations

    1. Tv ad’s, the daisy ad for example, which uses propaganda and (not so) subliminal messaging 2. Twitter, espn having live debates with analysts arguing which team will win an upcoming game and people tweeting a hashtag in support of either side 3. Music, artists making songs and lyrics supporting different causes such as political […]
  6. ericgreenlaw

    Projects I’d Like to Do

    1. My favorite idea was to recreate an old movie using new technology. I think it would be neat to see how a great old movie would look except with modern special effects. One movie that really comes to mind is The Birds. When I was little, my aunt said that was the scariest movie […]
  7. ericgreenlaw

    Reflection of Our Project

    For our project, we 3D scanned several artifacts from the James Monroe Museum including Monroe’s Desk, a bas relief of Monroe’s negotiations regarding the Louisiana Purchase, and many other of the Monroe family’s personal possessions. It was really cool and fun to have the opportunity to work up close and personal with Jarod Kearney, the […]
  8. ericgreenlaw


    The first article I read was the Nicholas Carr one, original I know. I completely agree with him. I actually had a conversation with my Dad about this topic a few weeks ago. I’ve noticed the same change in myself. I used to love to read, all throughout my schooling up until about 11th grade […]
  9. ericgreenlaw

    Lessons Learned from the Readings

    The first article I read was Footprints in the Digital Age by Will Richardson.  The first thing I learned from the article was that no matter how much you think you are, you really aren’t in control of your web footprint.  However, you can take measures to increase the control you have and to try […]
  10. ericgreenlaw


    In class today we tweaked and decided on our theme for the website.  We also set up a meeting to do some scans at the James Monroe Museum tomorrow.  We really liked the theme we picked at first, except that the menu bar was on the left side and we wanted it on the right. […]
  11. ericgreenlaw


    Secured the use of some recording equipment today so I can start trying to set up interviews with Jarod and Scott for information about the objects we will be 3d scanning.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some done within the next 2 weeks.
  12. ericgreenlaw

    Why I Am Taking Digital History

    I’m taking Adventures in Digital History because I am a history major and thinking about minoring in Digital Studies.  I’ve taken Intro to Digital Studies and Digital Storytelling and enjoyed both of those classes so I figure the major should be pretty interesting.  I also like working with technology, the 3d printer which I’ll use […]
  13. ericgreenlaw

    Making a Gif

    Making a gif can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you do it is a pretty quick process.  The first thing you need to do is finding the clip you want to use, on youtube for example.  Next you need to download the video clip using a website like […]
  14. ericgreenlaw


    The other day we read an article on copyright and fair use.  That topic came up in an episode of Shark Tank I was watching the other day.  One guy had a clothing company and the big thing it had was a pocket for your mp3 player and it had a little hole for your […]
  15. ericgreenlaw

    Final Project Jaunt (and some advice)

    This was without a doubt the funnest final project I’ve ever had to do.  I loved the freedom we had, it really allowed us to express our own creativity.  Although it took a lot of time and effort, it was so much more enjoyable than a normal final project or test.  It was interesting to […]
  16. ericgreenlaw

    My Ideas for Stuff

    Daily Creates: Make a video of yourself eating something you hate Take a picture of one of your favorite somethings, playing a sport, watching tv, a special token, whatever it is. Assignments: Remix one of your favorite tv shows so that it includes your family Take a video of someone and see how long you […]
  17. ericgreenlaw

    Common Every Day Object Tutorial

    The objective of the assignment “Common Every Day Object” was to take a normal, everyday object and manipulate the colors.  My roommate Tim is a New York Giants fan so I decided to have a little fun at his expense.  The first thing I did was to take a picture of his beloved Giants poster […]
  18. ericgreenlaw

    Silent Drive Tutorial

    For the assignment “Return to the Silent Era“, the object was to take a movie trailer and edit all the words out to make it like a silent movie.  I chose the movie Drive, because it did not have a whole lot of dialogue to begin with, but also because I liked the movie a […]
  19. ericgreenlaw

    Weekly Summary

    What is a Remix? Actor Transformation Recycle the Media Remix the Assignment I think that remixing is really entertaining, both remixing things myself and watching/listening/enjoying other remixes.  Very often I look for remixes of some of my favorite songs for example, much of the music I listen to is a remix of something.  Borrowing from […]
  20. ericgreenlaw

    Remix the Assignment!

    For my assignment mashup, I had to combine a tutorial for my mom (or grandma in my case) and Where’s Waldo? where I had to put Waldo or his name in my video.  I think I kind of lucked out on this assignment because of the fact that my Grandmother just recently got her first […]

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