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  1. Gray Kemmey


    I love businesses that stumble into themselves. At first it’s easy to think, “Wow wish I could get lucky and just stumble into such an idea,” but you have to remember, they didn’t get lucky. Usually, they were working their … Continue reading
  2. Gray Kemmey


    Blogger, another Web 2.0 company, is another company that came into itself while working on something else. Evan Williams cofounded Pyra Labs in 1999. Originally Pyra set out to create a web-based project management tool, not unlike Basecamp. However, Williams … Continue reading
  3. Gray Kemmey


    Dropbox is a seriously cool company. First of all, I know you have all used it, if you haven’t do so. It’s awesome. And so is Drew Houston (pronounced like the street in New York City, not the city in Texas) … Continue reading
  4. Gray Kemmey

    Retroactive Blogging

    One Object Through Another: My grandmother’s living room. through my Aunt’s Nikon D60, and my iPhone taking the picture. Repeating Geometric Shapes: My grandmother’s dining room chair. Draw Love: We sent each other those the other ...
  5. Gray Kemmey

    Movie Analysis

    For this week’s video assignments, we were supposed to find a movie that pretty much stands out as an exemplary film in terms of what film making should be. I [..]

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