1. Brian Hansen

    Neal Stephenson: Keep Killing My Plants


    Neal Stephenson is great. His books are concrete block-dense worlds that are the physical embodiment of that snake that eats its own tail – they can swallow you whole even as you devour them. I’ve read the near-1,000 page novel Cryptonomicon at least 4 times since 2003, and each time …

  2. Brian Hansen

    Steve Carell

    It’s late on a Monday afternoon when I catch the train; I’ve got a great date night planned ahead of me – a quick dinner, a glass of wine, and two seats for a one-time-only show in New York. Except I’m the only one on this date, and my head…
  3. Brian Hansen

    Actor Steven Seagal Not Dead. Also, Not An Actor.


    You know how they say a key step to having a successful blog is to write haphazardly & on a catty-wompus schedule for several years, and then go COMPLETELY DARK for almost two years while you go off and actually live a more interesting life? And then when you come …

  4. Brian Hansen

    I Made This About Bras


    Comedy’s not really where my head’s at right now.

    This is still hard for me to do regularly, as you can tell, but it feels good when it happens.  I let it all out in writing so much easier than I can do it in speech, or when I’m worried …

  5. Brian Hansen

    Better Than A Meth Habit


    Meh… I don’t have any excuses.

    What I have are strong feelings.  Strong feelings usually accompany big events or changes.  In the last 2 months, I’ve moved, I’ve found out my office is moving (not closer), I’ve spent more money on housing & repairs than ever before, and in general …

  6. Brian Hansen

    I Know, Right?


    Where the hell have I been?

    Short answer:  really frikkin’ busy.  An excuse? Not a good one.  But I will say the one I have is probably the best of all possible excuses.  All of my creative energy has been going into entertaining the Nugget.  She’s such a little sponge; …

  7. Brian Hansen



    Well, I should finally put it up here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ShowerSandwich

    That’s where you’ll find most of the stuff I’m up to these days.  Takes the steam out of my actual writing, honestly, so just head over there, at least for now.

    That’s all.…

  8. Brian Hansen

    All Growed Up


    Not sure why I didn’t just start here, but I’ve now moved the “podcast” to YouTube, and I’m done calling it a podcast. If YouTube does RSS for folks, great, and if it allows folks to get stuff on mobile subscriptions, also awesome. But it’s not really a podcast on …

  9. Brian Hansen

    Instant Shower for Your Butthole


    Episode 3 is up!

    Note: PodOmatic, while largely a very easy & great way to keep these things up here, only lets me embed player code that just takes you to the latest episode – so if I keep embedding it here, every embedded player will take you to the …

  10. Brian Hansen

    There is only MAKE.


    A friend has convinced me I really just need to keep doing this sh*t & eventually something will come of it – I can stop worrying about the planning, the editing, the censorship, the material, and just MAKE it.  In his words, “There is no win, there is no fail.  …

  11. Brian Hansen

    Step #1


    Yeah, so I finally did it – I recorded a completely sloppy 10 mins of what I call “Make Shit Up” time.  ”Why now?” you ask, “after all that blithering & whining & complaining about how you’re too afraid to put yourself out there?”  Many, MANY reasons abound… but those …

  12. Brian Hansen

    That Good Old Fashioned Feeling


    Well, it’s certainly been entirely too long since I wrote anything like a substantive update., so I won’t even waste your time with foreplay.

    Job:  On the plus side, I’ve been doing it for 4 straight years (exaclty), so it’s much easier than it used to be, and I’m much …

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