1. hankang96

    CT101 Final Blog Post/ Hankook Kang

    Farewell, class

    This is my final blog post for CT101 and I just want to say how glad I am to have shared this experience with the professor and our classmates.

    CT101 has taught me how to use a lot of the tools I need for my field of work.…

  2. hankang96

    Assignment #3 by Hankook Kang- Are Memes Art?

    Are Memes Art? An investigative look into the world of digital expressions

    by Hankook Kang

    Whether your browsing on your computer or your phone, whether its Facebook, Instagram or Redd it, most of us have either liked or even shared an image from the internet that is relates to an …

  3. hankang96

    CT 101 Assignment #2 – Reaction GIF


    When I first enrolled for CT101, I did not know what to expect,

    I was nervous to see what my professor would be like

    Because I had a bad experience with some really old professors the previous semester (No offense to the old folks but it was the first time …

  4. hankang96

    CT 101 Introduction by Hankook Kang


    To me, the internet is a bottomless crate, or an infinite jukebox.

    Everyday, millions of people from across the world share their music on the internet, whether it’s their own creation, or music that they found and wanted to share and have been doing so since nearly the beginning of …

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