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    Jeep Wrangler In India


    After years of anticipation and waiting, Jeep will finally arrive in India at the Auto Expo 2016. The iconic American SUV maker will officially bring the Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler to India as fully imported vehicles. While the Cherokee is a full on luxury SUV, the Wrangler is a …

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    New Mahindra Scorpio VS Duster VS Terrano VS Strome

    We bring you an on-paper comparison of the New Mahindra Scorpio with the Tata Safari Strome, Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster and the Nissan Terrano SUVs are big in India. Well, quite literally too. And that is exactly the reason why more and more manufacturers are introducing new products to get…
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    Fastest Cars Affordable

    The best fast cars you can buy today Ferrari 458 Speciale, Porsche Cayman S and Porsche 918, from Italy to Germany via twisty mountain passes and flat-out autobahns Posted: 27 Sep 2014

    1 of 14 Welcome to Top Gear magazine’s round up of The Best Cars In …

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    An outstanding effort by a homegrown company, really!

    The front end is stunning, even if the inspiration from the Ferrari 458 is too obvious. Look at the car in person and she’s something else…the low, wide stance gives it an amazing personality. It’s only the droopy rear that is a …

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    New car probably won’t be different at Daytona, ‘Dega

    New car probably won’t be different at Daytona, ‘Dega (Photo: Jared C. Tilton, Getty Images) STORY HIGHLIGHTS New model has shorter spoiler, different bumpers that may make restrictor pla NASCAR’s rules and cars have changed through the years, but one constant remains at restrictor-plate tracks such as Talladega Superspeedway: The…
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    THREE BEST SPORTSCARS IN INDIa Nissan 370Z Sportscar Two-door coupé sportscars that match practicality and performance There are sportscars and then they are supercars. While supercars deliver more performance, for more dough of course, it come with oodles more of snob value too. Practicality is something that isn’t a given…
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    Open day for sportscar fans

    Open day for sportscar fans Holdcroft Subaru is staging a launch weekend for its new BRZ sports coupe, above, with admission by invitation only today and tomorrow but an open day on Sunday where anyone can visit the showroom in Leek Road and see the pair of demonstration models on…
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    Jaguar’s First Real Sports Car In 38 Years Is A Beast

    Jaguar’s First Real Sports Car In 38 Years Is A Beast in Jaguar

    There’s plenty of doom and gloom at this year’s Paris Motor Show, as Europe faces a shrinking auto market. Among the many new conventional cars, meant to assuage customers by offering fuel economy and comfort, there are a …

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    1933 Duesenberg Sells for $1.65 Million at Austin Auction

    1933 Duesenberg Sells for $1.65 Million at Austin Auction The Dan Kruse Austin Hill Country Classic car auction topped $2.89 million in sales during the auction held on Saturday, September 15 in the Palmer Events Center. Car enthusiasts from a five-state area gathered to check out over 150 cars ranging…
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    BMW Interested In Mini SUV & Sports Car

    BMW Interested In Mini SUV & Sports Car

    According to reports, BMW is considering expansion of the Mini brand. The British brand currently consists of seven models, including the recently announced Mini Cooper Paceman. But all Mini are quintessentially the same, all modifications of the Mini Cooper hatchback design. But …

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    2005 – 2013 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard by TOPCAR

    2005 – 2013 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard by TOPCAR

    TOPCAR has popped back into the TopSpeed offices, straight out of Russia, with an all-new bespoke vehicle. Last time we caught up with our Russian custom car friends they were getting their Panamera Stingray 9/25 ready for the 2012 Moscow International Automobile…
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    2014 Jaguar F-Type Sights And Sounds In New Video

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    Jaguar F-Type leaked image

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    Jaguar F-Type leaked image

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    We all knew the upcoming Jaguar F-Type would closely resemble the C-X16 concept shown at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show (in coupe form), and …

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    LETHAL VEHICLES 2012-09-22 09:22:00

    Clemson Sports Car Club

    Saturday Sep 22
    Clemson University C1 Lot, Clemson, SC

    Registration Closed: Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:00P (Eastern time)


    Due to lower than expected attendance w/ past events, we are now setting a minimum of 30 entries by for …

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    2012 Lotus Exige S Specifications

    2008 Lotus Exige S

    2012 Lotus Exige S Specifications Chassis Brakes 4-Wheel Ventilated/Cross-Dilled Disc Brakes Front Wheels 6J x 16 – 195/50R16 Rear Wheels 7.5J x 17 – 225/45R17 Engine Horsepower 240 Torque @ RPM 170 lb ft @5500 rpm Bore/Stroke 82.0 mm/85.0 mm Compression Ratio 11.5:1 Displacement 1.8 Liter…

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