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    The Wedge


    The formation of the surfing spot known as the Wedge was a by-product of alterations to the Newport Harbor, which were completed and re-dedicated on May 23, 1936. Before those renovations and extensions of the West Jetty wall, the Newport Harbor was the premier surfing spot on the entire west …

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    First Cow(boys?)


    Searching for origin stories of the American Cowboy I stumbled on this post. It has no references to document the claims, but it looks like a good starting point for further research. Ms. Castille also made a documentary; “A Louisiana Horse Story”, you can watch the trailer.

    “On this “vast …

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    Where the wheels came off


    I spent my first week of western106 setting up a blog, connecting it to the western106 site, dusting off my Google+, Twitter and Soundcloud accounts and liking and following the cowpunchers I ran across. Week two I made some Daily Creates, tried posting them in the appropriate places and cross …

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    Charlie McCarty, my great grandfather, drove cattle from Texas to the New Mexico Territory for John B. Slaughter around 1882. The brand Slaughter used, ULazyS, shows the sly humor cowboys were known for. After Slaughter returned to Texas he purchased the Square and Compass ranch and renamed it the …

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    Here is my second gif animation. The first was so easy that I was lulled into thinking that I could make one in a few minutes. Not! After hours of fiddling I found out that CC Premier PhotoShop doesn’t have all the features of previous versions. And that GIMP cannot …

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    Equity in the West


    Did the RAA use Bonnie McCarroll’s death and a fourteen year old picture to eliminate women from competing for prize money?

    “This was also still in the latter stages of the various Wild West shows. And, of course, they were all about money in that field too. There were more …

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    Glass Mashup


    I took my first glassblowing class at Rio Hondo Junior College in 1973. I later learned to make high-intensity lamps and LASERs at Glass Instruments Inc. in Pasadena, California. I have taken classes and workshops from the creators of the American Studio Glass Movement and many international glass artists, and …

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    I’m still figuring out this western106 rodeo, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    I’m a retired glassblower studying Sociology and Multimedia Arts at Berkeley City College and intend to create a business using my four decades as a scientific glassblower, digital storytelling, communication skills, fascination with the history of science, …

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