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  1. Isaac Thesatus

    Hey Hey Hey!!

    After a few months of thinking, i thought Fat Albert about the last Fat Albert piece. I have nothing against the man, but i was told he loves twinkies, so i’ve created this piece to demonstrate what would happen to him if he overdosed…Enjo...
  2. Isaac Thesatus

    The DS106 Experience

    I’ve decided to use this example to show how ds106 has change my way of creating and thinking. There are many people in this community who just have outstanding work, and i am grateful that my work is a part of these great minds. Thank you DS106...
  3. Isaac Thesatus


    This is my confession to ds106. Just like Michael Smith, I’ve decided to confess my experiences during the journey with ds106. I truly enjoyed making these assignments. I will always continue to play along after the semester is over.
  4. Isaac Thesatus


    Going through my video files, I recently came across some video clips. Last year I made a trip to my homeland, Haiti. It was devastating seeing what was left of it. It’s been a while since I’ve visited, and I was in distress when I saw how the land stood still. The story behind this ...
  5. Isaac Thesatus

    Triple Troll Attack

    A little late on the Triple Troll Attack assignment, but manage to come up with these sort of cool trolls. The first is Bill Clinton of course with the famous quote from Jack Nicholson. I thought it would be funny if George Bush said this, since came after Clinton, and we all know they both ...
  6. Isaac Thesatus

    Radio Commercial

    After going through the audio assignments, i went back and thought i saw an interesting one. I came across the idea of a radio commercial by Jim Groom. I went with the idea and created my own DS106 commercial, it’s not the best but the ideas have met. ds106 radio commercial by ThesaVega Sources: lasd ...
  7. Isaac Thesatus

    Bad shower night

    Brain Dead Barbie by Vermin INC Bad shower night by ThesaVega I’ve decided to create a horror story using these disturbing sounds, inspired by audio assignment 70. “She really got on my last nerve” said Ken but she doesn’t deserve to die lol. So Ken is killing Barbie in this audio, she never cooks; cleans ...
  8. Isaac Thesatus


    Alot can happen from birth to death. Be creative, show how things; animals, objects, technology evolve throughout time. This assignment doesn’t have to be precise, your object evolving doesn’t have to evolve the way is expected during the process of evolution. Using GIMP, i manage to put together this story with layers. I put together some ...
  9. Isaac Thesatus

    Dinner is served!

                                                                    Have you ever been in the middle of a speech and this happens?
  10. Isaac Thesatus

    New Beginning

    I’m starting fresh, From Architectural Engineering, to Communication Technology. I guess I can still say that I’m a huge supporter of art. I believe that life itself is art. An artist, doesn’t necessarily have to be what society wants them to be. You, the artist, must believe that you are creative; seeing everything from a different perspective, an outlook only ...

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