1. Just De Norm

    Glass Stories and a Jab at Storytelling.

    Summary of Ira Glass’s Storytelling Parts 1 & 2 and Jad Abumrad on “How Radio Creates Empathy”.

    As a person who went through four years of writing interesting fictional and nonfictional stories, I know exactly what Ira Glass begins talking about. That’s the first lesson that you learn when writing, …

  2. Just De Norm

    WordPress Being Weird – Gifs Not Working?

    A Weird Moment – Not An Assignment

    For some reason, gifs on my site stopped working. So I decided to go investigate.

    Let’s take the example below.

    See how it’s not moving?

    So first, we go and edit the gif.

    Click the button and notice that the image is in …

  3. Just De Norm

    End of the Second Week, What A Ride.

    Weekly Summary Week 2

    Well, this has been a week. I didn’t spend that much time outside my house, except to go to the Exhibit at the VHS,  and felt like the incompetent sibling as my sister went to scholarship dinners and what another while I stayed at home studying …

  4. Just De Norm

    Making First Contact.

    Commenting and Such on Other Blogs.

    I feel like an alien.

    Okay, yeah, that’s a weird way to start out a blog post, especially with that title.

    I’m not an alien.


    Anyway, this week I made my first comment on a peer’s blog. It deserves some celebration. It feels …

  5. Just De Norm

    Follow Me On Another Boring Week.

    Design Blitz Week 2

    This could not have come in a more strange week. Last week I had gone out so much in comparison to this week because I had to go shopping with my parents for my sister’s birthday, which took place on Monday. Yet this week, no, it …

  6. Just De Norm

    The Cannon of Canon

    Reading and Reflection Assignment Week 1 –  The Vignelli Canon

    This book starts out with Vignelli explaining the greatest aspects of digital designs, from semantics to equity. These types of phrases I have heard in a previous class at a prior school known as Art History, and it’s very neat …

  7. Just De Norm

    The First Week has Come and Gone.


    Week 1 – Weekly Summary

    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

    I believe that I completed them to my best ability. That being said, I think that I did well to complete the requirements of this week’s assignments, though some of them I …

  8. Just De Norm

    Photo Safari

    Photo Safari Week 1

    Eight out of fifteen. Mainly, because I couldn’t find the others because I’m stuck at home for the day. The ones that I did do are listed below.

    Take a photo dominated by a single color. Take a photo at an unusual angle, e.g. looking up…

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