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    The Jenna Show


    The concept for The Jenna Show came about in a meeting of producers from several reality tv networks in the mid 1990’s. Their ratings were consistently falling and reality tv wasn’t bringing in the big bucks like it had in the past. The only problem was, about half the channels …

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    The World is Watching


    When The Jenna Show first aired in 1998 we weren’t sure how long it would last. The overarching attitudes toward the concept of the show were mixed. Some people loved it, some people hated, and some people didn’t care at all. The first few years saw ups and downs as …

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    The Hardest Five Weeks of My Life


    I took two online summer classes in this first five week semester. That was my first mistake. The first two to three weeks were stressful, especially because this class took up much more time every day than I had anticipated, more so at the beginning. I am grateful that this …

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    Year 19. Month 1. Day 21.


    I am the head of surveillance at The Jenna Show. This is the video report log for year 19-month 1-day 21 during the time slot 1942-2041 hours. I have many people under my department, and we have on of the most essential jobs at the show. We make sure that …

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    Almost Famous


    The Jenna Show has been on air for 19 years, 1 month, and 21 days. It all started when Jenna was born. She was to be the main character of the show, and grow up with everyone watching. She wouldn’t be acting, and the audience loved her for it. They …

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    Recapping It


    My fourth week in ds106…what a ride. This week was much easier than the previous three. I think the video assignments did take a while for me to edit, but since I only had to complete two worth eight stars it wasn’t too bad. The intro videos and background information …

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    Walk a Mile in My Shoes


    Where do your shoes take you in a day? Tell a story using a video of only your shoes!

    For my last assignment (4 stars) I decided to make a movie of everywhere I travelled in a day. This assignment caught my eye because I like to watch vlogs, which …

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    I Had to Learn How to Read…Again


    One of Roger Ebert’s most interesting tips on how to read a movie was that there really are no concrete rules to be followed when filmmaking. There are guidelines and generalities, rather. I like this approach to movies because sometimes when things get too technical they can lose their meaning …

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    How I Ended Up Here


    Compile your favorite photos from your experiences, trips, hobbies etc and make them into a video. Try to organize them chronologically to tell your story as you work your way through college. Make the video at least two minutes.

    This 4.5 star assignment was on the first page of video …

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    Over Halfway Done…


    Audio week was quite the experience. Trial and error became the name of the game for me. Garageband made me nervous, especially because Audacity was so heavily suggested, and no one else used Garageband! Although this week was a lot of listening, I enjoyed all the different perspectives and stories …

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    The Road Less Traveled


    This week was a learning experience for me, for sure. I got into the nitty gritty with Garageband, and now realize Audacity was probably a better choice. Garageband didn’t have a lot of editing tools that Audacity seemed to have, and this deterred me from some projects I was drawn …

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    Love Thy Neighbor


    Today’s daily create reminded me so much of my last assignment. I am all for peace in the world (who isn’t?) and this playlist is a great idea to spread a little more joy around! I was originally going to choose Imagine by John Lennon because it was fresh …

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    Dear Jolene…


    Find a cover of a song and combine it with the original version of the song to create a new/remixed version of the song. After you’ve finished remixing your version, listen to it and see what kind of emotion it now makes you feel.

    In the early 1970’s, when Dolly …

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    Yes, that is Beyoncé and Obama put together. I did my best, okay? Today’s daily create was something I had seen before on Youtube, but I never thought I could make an Obama lip dub video!! I was very excited to do this daily create, and Beyoncé seemed like a …

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    Radio, a Dying Medium(?)


    I can only ever recall listening to one radio show, in the car with my dad called “Elliot in the Morning.” I don’t even know what station its on. It’s pretty funny, sometimes inappropriate, and takes callers which I like. I never listen to it by myself but if I’m …

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    Mixing Media


    For this week’s first daily create I first took to Google for some inspiration. I know there is a crazy latte trend going on, and my search results were not disappointing. I stumbled across this photo and was immediately inspired to insert this latte into an actual pac-man game.

    I …

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