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    Chirlane McCray THRIVENYC


    First lady Chirlane McCray visited CUNY, York College to discuss mental health. In an initiative to bring awareness to mental health on March, 22, 2017 York College hosted “A Conversation with NYC first Lady” Chirlane McCray, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife. The panel discussion was moderated by New York Ones …

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    Trump Travel Ban


    Alexandria age 18 who is a student at York college and also lives in  Cyrpess Hills Brooklyn reaction to the the Trump travel ban was the same as many other New Yorkers. Alexandria said “that the travel ban was unfair and unjust because you cannot blame a country for what …

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    Reflection Post


    The thing I ask myself when reflecting on this course is did I actually like blogging beforehand and I did not. I felt like blogging was a waste of time and I actually did not have any interest in it. To be honest I was not aware that this class …

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    J Cole “4 Your Eyes Only” album review


    This past weekend J Cole aka Jermaine Cole released his fourth studio album “4 your eyes only”. Before this release he broke the internet by dropping “False Prophets” which some say took shots at Kanye West but I think it’s deeper than that I believe he was talking about rap …

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    Have you ever road the train during rush hour and seen people push other people to get on the train its crazy it’s something that I don’t understand. I need a level of understand to why this happens let’s talk about this in this blog post not the pushing of …

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    Mr. West


    Okay picture this I am on the train writing my next blog post heading towards the Museum of natural history and I am just jamming […]

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    Dating in NYC


    The experience of dating in NYC is what you can call the beast or meat grinder. I do not like to compare people, situations or […]

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