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    Valentines Card: 2 Stars


    The link for the full assignment can be found here. The goal of this assignment is to create a cheesy valentines card directed at a specific person.

    For this assignment it says to create a valentines card for a specific person. Who better to make a card for than yourself? …

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    One Story/ Four Icons: 3 Stars


    The link to the full assignment is listed here. The goal of this assignment is to reduce any story, movie, or event to four symbols to help readers identify it.

    This week has led to many assignments and daily creates based on movies and TV shows and I am …

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    Change of Scenery: 5 Stars


    The full assignment description can be found here. The end goal for this assignment is to place characters into a different setting than the original image.

    For this assignment, I created an image of a pet store with different animals in the parking lot outside.

     this original image then …

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    Are We There Yet?: 3 Stars


    For this visual assignment, I created an image where I changed the setting of the original image. The entire assignment can be found here.

    My original image is from my prom in high school which I transformed to me on the red carpet with a couple stars photo bombing the …

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    Joey Gets Cold


    For my second GIF assignment this week, I did the subtitle GIF. I was able to take a video off of youtube and make it into a GIF adding subtitles along the way.


    Inspiration from this clip came from my love of the TV show Friends. My aunt introduced …

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    Why so sad?


    For my first visual assignment of the week I did add some flower power. The main goal of this assignment was to find some thing that was not as nice as it should be and add some flowers to make it more peaceful. What is more fitting than a crying …

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    “Creativity needs the support of knowledge”


    I think that Vignelli opening his booklet saying, “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best” spoke to the meaning of this class. We are taking this course to be able to grow our knowledge on the elements of design, creativity, and so many …

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    Week 1 Done!


    What a week that it has been! I will start by saying that even after our fair warning about this class, you will never truly know how much work goes into it until you dive into it yourself. With taking another class and working, the class for this work starts …

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    Ironic Celebrity


    For my fourth and final visual assignment of the week, I have completed the celebrity quote assignment. I chose Kim Kardashian solely due to the fact that I could have some fun with the image.

    There is an ongoing debate in the media about the Kardashians and why they are …

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    Dream Car


    For my third visual assignment of the week, I completed the car lust assignment. I’ve never been a huge car person. There hasn’t been a car I’ve dreamed of having forever or aren’t cars that I see that I can’t live without. Up until recently I drove a 2004 Rav4 …

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    Burgers For the Win!!!


    For my second visual assignment, I chose real life to cartoon collage. As i’m sitting here doing this assignment, I thought to myself what I really want to eat tonight. What great inspiration that was for my collage! I grabbed two pictures of cheeseburgers off of the internet. One is …

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    Inside an Athletes Mind


    For my first visual assignment, I started with my very own spubble. I decided to give an insight into the mind of an athlete and show everyone what we are thinking at every moment (not literally).

    PUT ME IN COACH. Seems like such a simple phrase that can have …

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    Photo Safari


    I found this activity very entertaining. Feeling slightly rushed and motivated to complete as many of the tasks as possible in only 15 minutes made this assignment fun. I chose the kitchen to do my photo safari. I thought about all the appliances and utensils in there and figured I …

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    Becoming a Better Photographer


    One tip about photography that I messed around with this week was: LIGHTING!

    The tip given in the assignment is listed below:

    Look to the light. Probably the most key lesson- be aware of light that works and what does not. Knowing about shadows, directions, aiming for directions where light…
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    Hello Everyone!!!


    Some of this info can be found on my blog in my about me but I wanted to introduce myself at the beginning of this post to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to read look at my page yet. My name is Katie, I am a senior here at …

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    Day 2 for this week’s Daily Create! I used this opportunity to try and construct my first Vimeo video. I have always used youtube so for this course I decided to make a Vimeo account in order to learn how to use different sites. I experimented with adding some music, …

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    Example Blog Post


    This is a blog post. Blog posts can be journal entries, reflections, a piece feature piece, a short argumentative piece, an analysis, a small photo gallery, and much more. Blog posts by default can be categorized and tagged, meaning they can have taxonomy assigned to them. Using categories and tags …

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