1. konarheim

    Fairy Gardens to DS106 Hedgehog?


    Sam checking out my Fairy bowl

    It is Mother’s Day 2016 in the USA. When my girls were young they would send me off to the garden center to look at flowers and buy myself a hanging pot for the front entrance of the house. They knew I could take …

  2. konarheim

    Designing with Tom Mix in Malaysia


    I had actually started doing this design prior to the official start of #western106 back in October. I was starting to look at cowboys and media.  Tom Mix was the tangent I was reading – who he was etc.

    I found these in my files as I was cleaning up …

  3. konarheim

    #tdc1470 Cowgirl Name Generator – My Intro


    I have been tardy and absent in official Daily Creates. So much for resolutions and keeping up with #western106. In December all were reminded that Daily Create runs on ideas submitted by the community and to “pony up”. I had looked at #western106 types of things and came across a …

  4. konarheim

    The Trail of the making of Riding #Western106 Gif


    Getting back into the rhythm of ds10t thru #western 106. I created a GIF as sort of a promo and then remembered – “document the process for self and others” I am a little rusty- falling into some unfavorable avoidance lately – but here we go in trying to get …

  5. konarheim

    Transitions, wrap ups, and beginnings!



    – time for wrapping up the short summer and bringing projects to completion. -time for family and making memories with visits and activities. -time to panic about not being ready for the new adventures of fall -AHHHH!!! So much going on and all fun and important!

    As family is …

  6. konarheim

    Sometimes you go back to things…Fairytale to Video


    Sometimes you go back to things you started but never finished.

    I had left this just sitting on my hard drive from a few weeks ago. It seems this summer I am doing assignments, but ones I create myself instead of straight from the assignment bank. This started as Writing …

  7. konarheim

    Odd Week but reflection shows results in #106 Villages


    I haven’t been consistent with weekly summaries. Many of the #ds106 “advice” posts are to start the summary early in the week and add to it instead of waiting until the last day. VERY GOOD ADVICE!

    Giving it a go this week….and when done realized I had a productive week …

  8. konarheim

    Wearing down to becoming Village Resident


    A rather odd week it seems. Several independent things all together just making it odd. Or maybe it is settling into balance #4life by remembering to look up and see what else is going on and other creation possibilities not necessarily tied to No. 6 or tales of fairies.

    Video  …

  9. konarheim

    Daily Create and the Goldilocks Principle


    TDC1298– Make a drawing with a cut out for clothing. Take a photo of your  card and environment to complete the image

    Well – sort of took liberties. I did not do a drawing only a photo. Short on paper and drawing utensils and didn’t think of my Paper53 …

  10. konarheim

    Passing time in the Village – Chicken GIF


    A relaxing day in the Village while No. 2 is missing. Not as productive as @byzantinebooks, I saw that he spent the day working in his bungalow as well. Then I saw @iamTalkyTina posting the catapulting chickens so decided to work on getting my chicken to actually cross the road.…

  11. konarheim

    Fairytale Writing -DS106 All the Way!


    Thanks to all for making my DS106 world real. I hope you enjoy the Fairy Tale of the journey so far. I created this while hanging out in my bungalow in the Village for the Bovine FairyTale Festival (hoping it counts for credits in both!)

    Well – the week to …

  12. konarheim

    #2 in General a Puffin?? Info in Shadows


     I started reviewing the footage from the General to find information on what might have been saved when things blew up. I think it was a plan from the start – who to trust?

    Looking at the video – I was able to slow it down enough and see the …

  13. konarheim

    Village Architecture Mishaps


     I was out walking on my way to a bungalow design session for #7. I was a little concerned as I don’t know who #7 is or what his history is in the village. After taking the hidden shots of different signs in the Village I have been a little …

  14. konarheim

    Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs


    @mdvfunes asked if I had seen any signs on my walks through the Village.

    I did! – But you know they are watching! So I carefully placed a  camera in my hat and tried to capture some of the signs as best I could for Mariana to research. Because of …

  15. konarheim

    Photos of Information – but whose side?


    A photo safari as a resident in the Village is a challenge. It does need looking at the Village differently and in finding meaning in what is right under our noses. Will this assignment keep us from becoming fully assimilated? Or are there hidden subliminal messages in the village to …

  16. konarheim

    Vintage style TV shows visitors the Village


    I was sent to a resident bungalow this week to help in creating a new arrangement for the occupant.

    First priming and painting were done first. The resident decided on Rye Grass green for wall color  – it reminded him of when he was a child and felt like all …

  17. konarheim

    Seeing Forest Folk x7!


    Icelandic Week at the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival seems to be causing multiple sightings of wee forest folk! Cousin Ron has hinted that we are not alone in Bovine County – but I am seeing more elves, fairies, and gnomes than terrestrial beings so far.

    This is a visual …

  18. konarheim

    Gnomes, The Moon and The Porch


    It is visual assignment week in #burgeron106 and it is Icelandic week as well. That means, gnomes, elves, fairies and more.

    The poster could be “design” because it is a poster- but I used my own photos to create it. (well – except for NanaLou’s porch)

    I used a shot …

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