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  1. ksimonpi

    Loving Alzheimerā€™s

    Alzheimer’s disease is defined by the Alzheimer’s Foundation fo America (AFA) as “a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain’s nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes.”( My Grandmother has Alzheimer’s. She … Continue reading
  2. ksimonpi

    Week 15 Summary

    Tutorials Assignments Final Project For my final project I wanted to try and tell Snow White’s story through a realistic lens. I attempted to blend key aspects of the story with real life scenarios as well as creatively and successfully … Continue reading
  3. ksimonpi

    PSA Billboard

    Is there something about society, people, the world, or just anything that really bugs you and you want the world to know it? Then create a PSA billboard!
  4. ksimonpi

    Weekly Summary 10

    This week’s daily creates. This week’s to-do list was enjoyable to accomplish because it focused on one of my favorite things, movies. The video editing software that I have is MPEG stream clip, YTD video downloader that is capable of … Continue reading
  5. ksimonpi

    Un Chiste

    So in my attempt to make you laughĀ I told a joke in Spanish. I have an awful Spanish accent, so to anyone who listens to it and is a native Spanish speaker I apologize and please forgive me. I recorded … Continue reading
  6. ksimonpi


    For the Suess it assignment I recorded myself readingĀ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. Like most Dr. Seuss books I loved the rhyming and flow of One Fish Two Fish the best. Like most people … Continue reading
  7. ksimonpi

    Super Bass?

    Not anymore. Using Audacity I changed the pitch on Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass to get the chipmunk sound. I chose Super Bass because I think Nicki Minaj is ridiculous Ā and thought it was funny how even more ridiculous she sounds … Continue reading
  8. ksimonpi

    Guys Suck

    Or so my Theme VerseĀ might make you think. I love the old school girl power songs that aren’t quite as in your face as the Spice Girls but still kick ass in their own way. I used Nancy Sinatra’s These … Continue reading

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