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    Fail Forward

    Productive failure is already atrendin connected, collaborative, learning.  Research is mixed regarding learner center pedagogy and more controlled approaches. What we know for sure is we will win some and lose some in life.  Learning to fail forward is a win.

    Fear of failure is a common barrier…
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    SAMR what?

    I am in my last semester of the graduate program in eLearning Design and Implementation at The University of Colorado, Denver. This is a collaborative blog post, for my eLearning trends and issues class (6750). Links to team members Kirk Lunsford, Allison Sandler, and Christina Moore’s blogs are provided for…
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    How should companies respond to the Muslim Ban?

    As concern about the impact of the latest executive order banning people from 7 Muslim countries from entering the U.S. grows, how should companies lead on this divisive issue? We can trust the research that integrity is of central importance to effective leadership.  Appearing incongruent will undermine your mission.

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    Reflecting on your legacy, President Obama

    As I sit here, tired, drinking a Red Bull so I can finish this change proposal for the last class, in the last semester, of my Masters program all I can say is thank you Mr. President. It was President Obama who urged us back in 2009 to go back…
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    Trayvon and Trump

    The outrage bubbled up in me like a volcano.  Hot like lava. At 10:30 pm I turned off the TV as early results showed him in the lead.  Surely this will turn in the night and I will wake up to some hope the idea of America could be real. …
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    Courageously Seeking Connection

    Give yourself permission to try and fail.  Vulnerability is the tap root of innovation and creativity.  If you’re vulnerable and obtain your goal its all good.  If you are vulnerable and don’t obtain your goal it’s still all good.  You have a great story!

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    Digital Story Critique wk 12

    You don’t agree with my choice but do you agree with my right to choose?

    This digital story critique examines the concept and value of Freedom.  Alignment with core values facilitates dreams to realities.   Figuring out what you really believe, what you really value creates your life’s roadmap.  Reading the…

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