1. @liamcaudill

    DS106 Course Advice


    Howdy folks. I’m writing this with 30 minutes to go, so I’ll be brief, but I wanted to share my general advice for the course.

    First off, the work is very reasonable IF you start it at the beginning of the week. Just because it’s an online course, you may …

  2. @liamcaudill

    Final Project


    Well, this couldn’t have been submitted any closer. I’ve been working on this all day today, and all I can say is that I wish I started earlier. Basically, I tried to tell the story of Guts and the Band of the Hawk during the Golden Age (from the manga …

  3. @liamcaudill

    Week 14 Summary/Progress Report



    Time to report my progress! The idea of my final project is as follows: I’m going to take the character Guts, from Berserk (a manga I’ve referenced and utilized multiple times during this semester) and chart his arc, character progression, information, etc, by creating an interactive website using free …

  4. @liamcaudill

    Web Assignment – Email! Email! Read All About It!


    I created an email advertising for tourism in Tombstone, Arizona, a town I’ve used a couple times in past assignments. This assignment uses the website Vertical Response to create this ad, and actually allows you to send it out to people, but a) I didn’t have emails to send it …

  5. @liamcaudill

    Web Assignment – Storytelling Within The Web


    This assignment has you use the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool to edit elements of a website, and tell a story. I used eBay to represent the factual college essentials, not the nonsense that lists online tell you about. I originally wanted to use Google’s shopping page, but it wouldn’t let …

  6. @liamcaudill

    Week 13 Daily Creates


    This week, we were supposed to combine our daily creates to tell a story. I used mine to tell the tale of a man trying to court a woman, first with a trip, then with flowers. It appears to have worked at some point, because they ended up together, even …

  7. @liamcaudill

    Mashup Assignment – Holiday Mashup


    A simple enough assignment, taking elements of your 3 favorite holidays, and combining them into one image. If it wasn’t clear, I went with Halloween, Christmas, and Independence Day. I’ve always been a fan of Halloween; I love the combination of Autumn weather and the atmosphere around the holiday. Christmas …

  8. @liamcaudill

    Remix Assignment – The Ultimate Merger (The Opposer)


    I’ve done this assignment before, but we needed to use something existing in one of our assignments. The remixed option I received was The Opposer, in which you do the opposite of the assignment; considering I had merged the NBC and Twitter logo to create an NBC appearing Twitter bird, …

  9. @liamcaudill

    Week 11 Summary


    Video crew part deux! This week is up there with the closest to finishing everything on time, considering I had to do everything but the three daily creates today (incredibly busy week, borderline finals amount of work). I initially had trouble incorporating my character with video assignments, but I think …

  10. @liamcaudill

    Video Assignment – Mini Documentary


    This assignment has you create a short 1-2 minute documentary about a certain person close to you. Most people did their western characters for this, but I wanted to try something a little fun. I chose my favorite character from my favorite video game, Dota 2, or Defense of the …

  11. @liamcaudill

    Video Assignment – Return to the Silent Era


    In this assignment, you take a clip from a movie, and try to make it look like a film out of the silent era. This is usually accomplished by removing the sound, turning it black and white, and adding some sort of filter, while adding in background music and title …

  12. @liamcaudill

    Video Assignment – Digital Story Compilation


    For this assignment, you create a video montage of your favorite assignments that you have done so far. I decided to compile all of my assignments dealing with my character, Luke, and put them in one video.

    First off, the music I chose is Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone, …

  13. @liamcaudill

    Video Assignment – Origami


    This assignment is to create a video tutorial for origami. The original theme was halloween, but I decided to connect it with my character, crafting him a paper gun for when his trusty Smith & Wesson isn’t around.

    I found how to make the gun from a tutorial online. Since …

  14. @liamcaudill

    Week 10 Summary


    My week of reckoning! The video group worked together on a lot of the ideas this week, and I’m glad to have been part of that. I had seen some of these videos focusing on the intricacies of film before, but I really enjoyed Tony Zhou’s videos, and will continue …

  15. @liamcaudill

    Video Assignment – Signing Words


    For this assignment, you have to use sign language to spell out a word or words. I wanted to connect this to my character, Luke Nelson, so I spelled out his name! I had never done sign language before, so it was actually quite difficult for me, even when I …

  16. @liamcaudill

    Video Essay


    This is my brief analysis for the gas station scene from No Country for Old Men. I’ve used the scene before, creating a gif of the coin toss, but it’s so good that I can’t let it go after one use. I explain a few elements of the scene that …

  17. @liamcaudill

    Video Assignment – Chipmunk Style


    This video assignment asks you to take a scene from a movie and make the characters sound like chipmunks. I went with the ending soliloquy from Blade Runner, a scene that’s very powerful normally, just to see what it was like chipmunkified. I originally wanted to go with the “Do …

  18. @liamcaudill

    Video Assignment – Why So Serious?


    First video assignment of the entire class! For this assignment, we’re supposed to take a serious scene from a movie, and then dub it with audio or music from a comedy. The serious scene I chose was the Raptor in the Kitchen scene from Jurassic Park, and I dubbed it …

  19. @liamcaudill

    Week 9 Summary


    Week 9 over! This was supposed to our relaxation week after creating our radio shows, and for the most part, it was. I got to listen to all the shows everyone created this week, and really enjoyed them. I went into detail about TombCast here. Our assignments for this week …

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