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    Merri-Weathers Research

    The Merri-Weathers represent the spectrum of online teachers. Tammie, an early childhood instructor at Colorado Mesa University, designs both online and on-site courses. Jennifer works with K12 as an online instructor, and Alicia is a wanna-be designer/instructor of online higher ed courses. Our mutual interests lie in the variety of…
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    Another Autumn

    Summer fun

    Long shadows, cooler nights and course introductions all signals of summer’s end. As I pen this introduction, I’m considering my journey over the past year. What a trip it has been!

    Last August, I entered the ILT program as an unemployed sales rep from the ed publishing industry. …

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    8 Weeks Over The Rainbow


    I may have gotten in over my head with this one. It’s much easier to critique a mashup than it is to create one! This required many walks in the woods. At any rate, in the spirit of mashups, DS106, cudenver15 and digital storytelling here is my story…

    Links to …

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    “I’ve been doing it this way for 30 years and it’s worked just fine.” How often have I heard this statement? The words have been uttered by business owners, educators even my own dad. When I hear the statement I think, “Wow, do you still get around on a horse …

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    It’s All Coming Together – Reflection Week 7


    Week seven had me thinking about the application of social learning concepts. How does it all work together? How do I apply it within my own designs? For me, it’s critical to have a guiding question. In digital storytelling the question is “Does this element move the story forward?”. With …

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    Gameful Learning


    Two learning instances from my youth stick with me to this day. At a ripe young age, I knew all of the states and their capitols. I could also recite every country in the world and their capitols (Mom was so proud). Interestingly, I did not acquire this knowledge in …

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    Website Logo – AB


    My husband is opening a moto adventure touring business, Treeline Adventures,  in Durango and needed a logo. The tours take guests into the Colorado high country on KTM Enduro 690 motorcycles ( a hybrid off/on-road bike).

    Using Adobe Illustrator, I opted for a versatile font only design for the …

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    Toyminator – Critique


    The Toyminator by CCZ, a clever single image mashup combining Toy Story with The Terminator. The design won 2nd place in a contest on Worth 1000 an online creative contest site. I selected some literary dimensions from New Literacies: Everyday Practicies and Social Learning by Lankshear and Knobel.

    Range of …

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    Reflection Week 6


    I’m always stoked when concepts from other classes coalesce into greater understanding. Lankshear and Knobel presented the concept of a pull model of learning. As I dove deeper into the idea, I began considering the relationship between ‘pull’ and tapping into intrinsic motivation. In my Games and Learning course last …

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    Flight of the Apple AB – Tarantino It


    FLIGHT OF THE APPLE  A true story.  Act 1

    I stare at her battered face and deformed frame. As she slowly flickered to life, I pleaded, “Oh please! Oh please!” but feared for the worst.

    Act 2 Computers aren’t designed to fly. In fact, when they take to the air…
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    ‘Pulling’ Intrinsic Motivation – Ch. 7


    The hairless ape possesses a natural inclination to learn, to explore, and to improve its abilities. This built-in drive powered all innovation from the first tools of the Paleolithic period to the newly invented Lexus Hoverboard. The ability to problem-solve or think creatively raises humans to the top of the …

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    Indoor Loo: A Magical Light TDC


    Late 19th century high mountain mining towns were a portrait of a rugged and brutal existence. Daily life consisted of snow measured in feet during winter months and intense thunderstorms in summer. Despite the constant battering of mother nature, the townsfolk still had to answer her daily call. The act …

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    Ugh. Reflection Week 6


    Collaboration is more than being a part of a group; more than adding a piece to a project. This week brought to light the complexity of collaborating. It’s a system of processes involving human dynamics. From the textbook, I learned of the importance of individual ownership of the whole. …

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    Sunset -TDC A Death Poem


    I know nothing about poetry so I apologize in advance. Here is a death poem:


    A thrush’s flute plays
    dancing daisies
    I drift on the horizon

      TDC The dream of the Dragonflies – A death poem

    “Here I’d like for people to write a somewhat serious poem, ideally …

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    Life Lesson: Mute Often – AB Mashup


    I could do this all day! In this assignment, the mashup combines a serious movie scene with inappropriate laughter. The idea is to change the mood of the scene. At first, I was daunted by figuring out what movie scene to select. I had recently watched a movie with Haley

  16. lishna68

    Photobomb TDC 2


    Like Emily, I was holding out for a TDC but wasn’t up for another drawing. So, I went back to the embed an old painting into a modern setting.  Photobombs are the thing these days. The clueless nature of the “bombee” makes the images funny. What was just another fishing …

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    Climbing, Climbing – Still a Long Way to Go


    The never ending climb…

    Week four’s learning experience generated a lot of questions and anxieties. Reading about Maguma and the remix culture was humbling. The amount of hours dedicated to the craft is staggering. I feel I personally spend too many hours in front of a computer screen as it …

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    The Amen Break and Remix Culture – Ch. 4 Response


    The notion of thinking, working, learning and creating in isolation is such a lonely concept. No touching, no talking, no copying, no sharing. How did we ever arrive at this point in progress? All of the great innovators of human civilization admit to “stealing” from others. Does that mean that …

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    Haggis, Single-Malt and Scottish Independence


    The world of faux news shows has exploded recently. Most, spawned from The Daily Show, are merciless in their depiction of the ridiculous nature of politics, politicians and the news commentary that follows. These shows also exemplify the art of the remix.

    Last Week Tonight, one of the more recent …

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    Inspiration and Discovery – Week 3 Reflection


    The week was one of great discovery for me. Like many of my coursemates, I struggled with chapter 3. I read parts of it at least three times but could not latch on to anything. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, the time limitations and production requirements of this …

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