1. @lmccuist0

    Dear Future DS106ers…


    As my semester in this class winds down, I think it’s important to go back and reflect. My experience in DS106 was incredibly fun, although I definitely could have done some things differently.

    You can learn a lot in this class, so long as you take the time to sit …

  2. @lmccuist0

    Making Progress in Sound


    I spent a good chunk of this weekend writing like mad, but I sat down and got some audio work done, as well. I was really excited to put together some more sound clips (since that has definitely been my favorite thing to do so far this semester), and I …

  3. @lmccuist0

    Do These, Danny Keys!


    Here it is, the first part of the final project!

    So far I’ve spent this week brainstorming ideas, picking out assignments to help guide my story, and writing out the basic plot. My goal for this story is to make it interactive, and since it relates to my character, I …

  4. @lmccuist0

    I Have an Idea!


    After receiving the instructions for our final project (and getting some other final projects out of the way), I started thinking about ways to tell a good, multimedia story based around my character. At first, I had no idea where to start aside from looking through the various assignments we …

  5. @lmccuist0

    Web Worldwide: Week 13


    This week was a very busy week for me, so I definitely didn’t space out my assignments like I would have liked to. I kept up with the Daily Creates, though, so I do have that!

    We did web design this week, which was very new to me but a …

  6. @lmccuist0

    Honest Grades


    For this assignment, in which we take a website and change its content into a story. I decided to make an “honest grades” page, since the semester is coming to a close and looking at this page is increasingly more vital to surviving. Those assignments on the right bar …

  7. @lmccuist0

    Mashup Time: Week 12


    This week was busy, but fun! I enjoyed putting together all of my mashup assignments and remixing some old ideas into new ones. And honestly, I really enjoyed putting together my tutorial. I like making things that could be potentially useful to others, and it gave me a chance to …

  8. @lmccuist0

    Emoji Friends


    These are my dear friends hanging out in the Amphitheater during the first big snow on campus. My roommate Sophia was trying to take pictures of the snow/water on Emma’s glasses, and I was taking pictures of them. Claire joined in for one of the best series of photos I …

  9. @lmccuist0

    Seaside Diptych


    I created this diptych as a means of remixing an assignment which has you change the color/hue of a photo to make it look surreal. The remix I got for this assignment was “Media Bender:”

    “Change up the media for the original assignment- take a video assignment into audio or …

  10. @lmccuist0

    Do You See Waldo


    For one of my remixes, I got the prompt “Where’s Waldo? It” on my Dusty Dawn image’s assignment in which I put a scene in someone’s eye.

    “For this remix assignment, you want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a Visual or Design Assignment or slip his name quickly into …

  11. @lmccuist0

    Name These Songs


    For this assignment, I mashed together five songs into a 10 second slot. The real challenge is for you guys to name all of the songs (and artists)! Some of them should be pretty easy, but let’s see if you can get all of them!

    This project was a …

  12. @lmccuist0

    Big Lessons


    I created this video in accordance with this assignment, which calls for you to take the audio of a film and put it over a video clip of a different movie while somehow relating them. I decided to put a little twist on this mashup by incorporating my character …

  13. @lmccuist0

    Filming, Editing, Uploading, Oh My: Week 11


    This week my group got together and finished our video show “College is a Rodeo”. It took a lot of effort and many hours, but it’s finally done! It shows what our characters would do if they went to college here at UMW. Here’s the final cut:

    You can check …

  14. @lmccuist0

    College is a Rodeo: The Final Product


    After many hours of shooting, editing, and uploading, we finally have the finished video available for everyone’s viewing pleasure! Please enjoy!

    I want to thank my group for getting all of this together in such a timely manner. We did an excellent job, and minus a couple hiccups here and …

  15. @lmccuist0

    And… Cut! Progress on “College is a Rodeo”


    Tonight Tierra and I sat down to edit together the final parts of the video. Three hours later, we’re finally in the uploading stage. The video turned out really well, minus some little sound errors thanks to my portion. We got together in the tech center and used iMovie to …

  16. @lmccuist0

    College is a Rodeo: In the Making


    The first half of this week was dedicated to shooting videos in order to use them as footage for our show. The show itself is a vlog-style interpretation of how our characters would interact with going to college, so making the videos was about incorporating campus life. After writing my …

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