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  1. marcosbatista

    Everything is a Remix

    wao this is amazing on how everything gets mix, how Mr Ferguson relates everithing. like plants when they are born with humans when we are just simple zygotes all the creations we have done specially in, he show us a … Continue reading
  2. marcosbatista

    Sport Radios station

    Our Ds106radioshow on sports. Chad- Football Marcos- Baseball George- All Sports Dehnia- Basketball, Audio edit Audio Tracks Used Missy Elliott- We Run This Instrumental Biggie Smalls- Dead Wrong Porter Robinson- Unison (Knife Party Remix) DJ Khaled feat. Ludacris, Rick Ross, … Continue reading
  3. marcosbatista

    Sound Effects

    This a story of some thief that broke in a house and i used the sound effects so simulated the dog barking the thunder storm,the police when it was comming, the girl screaming and the gun Shot i used
  4. marcosbatista

    DS106 Radio

    in this one i tried to make it i little bit funny and also give a concept of what you will find in Ds106 radio specially when the student take over the station
  5. marcosbatista

    music box

    Rap by marcos0312 The music box!!! it was pretty funny i tried many ways to do it if you want to see someone doing strang sounds go
  6. marcosbatista

    Week 7 Daily create

    This past week daily crate was a funny one because we play we with the eyes how the thing looks from different perspective like my example above of looking inside out also we play with some colors
  7. marcosbatista


    Reflections from web 2.0 The transition from web 1.0 to 2.0 was a really good innovation for the web users. For example: before we used netscape with web 1.0 and now with use google with web 2.0 which is one … Continue reading

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