1. Colin Maxwell

    Computer games development


    During the last few weeks I’ve been concentrating on some computer games development courses that I run. The courses will shortly be coming to an end, so many of the students have nearly completed their games. I will post more of these online as soon as they’re finished.

    While …

  2. Colin Maxwell

    Neglecting DS106


    I hear excuses all the time from my own students. My laptop broke, I lost my pen drive, my little brother flushed my homework down the toilet. These past few weeks I have been neglecting DS106 and I also let down @nossa_familia, with whom I was meant to …

  3. Colin Maxwell

    My favourite work so far…


    I’m enjoying DS106 so far, although I still don’t see where it’s going (I’ll bitch about this in my audio post for DS106 Radio).

    The assignments have actually been quite enjoyable, probably because they’re small and manageable, but also highly creative.

    I’ve particularly enjoyed the Dailyshoot, though some of the …

  4. Colin Maxwell

    Four Icon Challenge (Visual Assignment)


    Kyle Tezak’s Four Icon Challenge – Reducing a movie, story, or event into it’s basic elements, then taking those visuals and reducing them further to simple icons.

    Guess which movie I’ve chosen? Scroll to the bottom of the post to reveal the answer.








  5. Colin Maxwell



    James Bond in clay #ds446

    This Daily Shoot assignment has been tough so far. The main trouble has been the awful weather over the past few days that have limited my photography options. Imagine having to take a photograph of the sky on a day of snow. Honestly, for most …

  6. Colin Maxwell

    The world according to Google


    As someone who teaches ‘Web’and has been online since 1995 I’ve seen most of the major developments in the Web and the Internet, from the drab days of Netscape grey and Compuserve through to ‘the world according to Google’. I’ve always had  a a pretty strong idea of what I …

  7. Colin Maxwell

    Animated Stills


    My first attempt at Tom Woodward’s video assignment – taking a still image and animating it using camera motions. I feel that the effect of the camera motions adds a greater sense of narrative to the photograph. It effectively creates a series of events that occur one after the other, …

  8. Colin Maxwell

    WordPress wonders


    Okay, so only self-hosted WordPress blogs can use plugins. It took me a while to find this out – so hopefully anyone else having trouble will read this and stop trying.

    I do have an unused WordPress Blog on my own domain, however now that I’ve started with this one …

  9. Colin Maxwell

    Master of my domain


    Part of this weeks DS106 assignment is to set up web hosting and get a domain. I’m planning to use the host/domain I’ve had for many years, but I now feel I need to start some early spring cleaning and tidy up my existing site, especially as I only …

  10. Colin Maxwell

    Introduction – Assignment 1


    My Dad works at Mediaspace at Carnegie College.
    He is a photographer and he likes doing animations for his class.
    He plays games with me on the Wii and reads stories most nights before bed. We are reading the BFG just now.
    He was at London recently with Adobe to …

  11. Colin Maxwell

    Phillipe Parreno installation in London


    An audiovisual installation at the Serpentine Gallery in London, part of Parenno’s first solo exhibition in the UK. Interesting use of locational sound with speakers placed behind the screen so that sounds actually come from the direction of the on-screen objects.

    Some of the work I found interesting, but some …

  12. Colin Maxwell

    Un-scene stories


    Our tutor on DS106 has prompted us to suggest assignments related to Digital Storytelling that everyone can undertake. Wow, I didn’t expect to be writing the assignments as well as completing them, but hey at least you get to learn what you want!

    My suggestion, posted under the Fan Fiction …

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