1. morgannekris

    We Made It! – The Last Blog Post


    My experience in CT101 was great. I enjoyed thinking outside of the box and trying to create something outside of the normal. Being a photographer I would always have pictures of my friends that I would save and make fun of them. I would never think to make a GIF …

  2. morgannekris



    I am kind of over this corona virus. At first it was like yes please close school for a week but then it became this overwhelming pandemic that I was not prepared for. In my personal life it is affecting me greatly because the career that I am pursuing involves …

  3. morgannekris

    Are Memes Art?


    I believe that memes are art because it is a form of expression. Art is based off of self expression and memes are literally expression. Other people then use these memes to express themselves.  It would be silly to say that memes are not art. Memes need to be created, …

  4. morgannekris

    Digital Story Telling: So Far So Good


    I didn’t really know what Digital Story telling was going to be like. I was going to take portrait documentary but my friend Olivia was like NAH this is more your speed Morg.

    We all introduce ourselves and I’m just like Hi, my name is Morganne I’m a Photographer and …

  5. morgannekris

    What’s making me happy at the moment


    Currently I am into self growth and self exploration and my place in this universe. I came to the unsettling realization that I am so small in comparison to the universe but oddly I can still make a difference.  I read a lot of books, currently I am re-reading the …

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