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  1. Nick Antonini

    Final Project Analysis?

    So here’s my little explanation of my final project. What originally was meant to be a video emphasizing the skateboarding culture in Fredericksburg, turned into a skate video. It was supposed to be my introduction back into skateboarding. While ...
  2. Nick Antonini

    DS106 Radio GIF

    So this assignment was worth 5 stars, but I think I deserve at least 6 stars for this. Not only because that’s how many I have left, but also because I hate making gifs… they’re always so tedious. Here’s the...
  3. Nick Antonini

    DS106 Radio GIF

    So this assignment was worth 5 stars, but I think I deserve at least 6 stars for this. Not only because that’s how many I have left, but also because I hate making gifs… they’re always so tedious. Here’s the...
  4. Nick Antonini

    Nick Fonzarelli

    So all of you who may know me are aware of the impact that the Fonz has had in my life. I may or may not have had an “ID” from pennsylvania two years ago by a guy named Nicholas...
  5. Nick Antonini

    Final Project Pains

    So I haven’t started blogging about my final project yet. Well It’s going great, definitely a little sketchy starting up again though. It’s a slow process. I could barely ollie when I hopped on the board last weekend. This weekend...
  6. Nick Antonini

    Remixed Remixed Sunset

    Due to numerous people (ahem Jim Groom) calling me a cop-out for my previous remix, I decided to sit back and look long and hard at my previous creation. After a few hours of pondering, I realized I could do...
  7. Nick Antonini

    Remixed Sunset

    Take a picture of a beautiful sunset. Nothing fancy, just a nice picture Remix Twist: The Opposer Do the opposite of what the assignment says- this can be in terms of subject, action, almost anything to make it be 180...
  8. Nick Antonini


    Cooking show to be uploaded later this afternoon, I ran into some hiccups with preproduction and the director didn’t have adequate dinero for the materials on the show and…
  9. Nick Antonini

    Movie By Numbers

    For this assignment: Movie By Numbers, I kinda interpreted it differently. I took the literal translation of the number five and showed how it is viewed throughout the world. Technically this isn’t narration right? So I used one of the...
  10. Nick Antonini

    ds106 viral

    Bed Intruder Song: This is a classic example of a previously viral video turned into a song. It takes clips from the original video and inserts it into song. The fact that the original video was crazy/ridiculous enough may be...
  11. Nick Antonini

    Final Project

    I know I’m running late on this as well, and there’s not much time left in the semester, but oh well. Ever since the end of middle school I’ve loved skating. I used to go skate when I was mad,...
  12. Nick Antonini

    Donnie Darko Commentary

    So after numerous attempts at formatting the my commentary video, I found the correct one! Here is the assignment: I had a digital copy of the movie on my computer already so I loaded it into FCP and...
  13. Nick Antonini

    Return to the Silent Era

    This assignment was to take a modern day trailer and try to turn it into silent film trailer. I I decided to use the trailer for Drive. To do this I downloaded the trailer from YouTube a...
  14. Nick Antonini

    A Little Late

    I know I’m late with these assignments, but there’s a reason for this. I’ve been having problems uploading the my video essay online. I’ve tried vimeo and youtube… no dice. It just shows up almost as if it unformatted (gre...
  15. Nick Antonini

    Fear The 1%

    This assignment was to create a 5 second film: With this I tried to go for the whole Occupy Wallstreet idea. In order to avoid controversies I’ll just leave everything up to your imagination....
  16. Nick Antonini

    Slow Down There!

    This assignment was to speed up my workday. In order to do this assignment i had to set up my video camera but I had one problem… I only had a 500 mb memory card. So basically I reco...
  17. Nick Antonini


    My first of my video assignments is the reverse effect video Basically I just thought up what would look nasty backwards. Then I was like “OMG imma genius.” I loaded up the video...
  18. Nick Antonini

    I Can Read Movies!

    One of my all time favorite movies is definitely Donnie Darko. I know this isn’t on AFI’s top 100 list, but with all due respect AFI, I’ve only seen half of those movies. Now first, I’ll state that deciding whether...
  19. Nick Antonini

    Free Advertising

    So for this week I decided it was about time to actually create my own assignment. I figured “Hey, I’d like to be doing this stuff later on in life, why not give it a try first.” So I decided...
  20. Nick Antonini

    The Daily Create Week 5

    TDC35: This is my buddy stephen’s half sleeve. He’s got the star of life there, emt pinup girl, a couple syringes around back, and a dispatch logo to wind it all up. TDC36: Take a photo of food being eaten...

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