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  1. NoiseProfessor

    Main Street USA?

    Inspired by @shareski, who was inspired by a little guilt from @CogDog.  I took the liberty of altering the sign slightly, making it almost a double troll, or perhaps half a troll?
  2. NoiseProfessor

    Maybe Next Time, D’Arcy

    @dlnorman posted some pictures here, about which @brlamb commented “Added to my already voluminous @dlnorman is freakin’ hardcore file,” which, combined with all of the @timmmmyboy Slide Guy stuff from yesterday inspired me to do this.  Tim wins!
  3. NoiseProfessor

    Always Dancing…

    Sometimes Ijust feel like goofing off with some soothing #jimgroomart.  This one was inspired by this assignment from  Danny/@MangoKuchen as brought to my attention by the great and powerful @scottlo.
  4. NoiseProfessor

    No Trouble in Little China

    A wordless MacGuffin?  Could it work?  Probably not.  This one is perhaps far too obscure for anyone who isn’t a superfan of Big Trouble In Little China, which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies.

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