1. plohn89

    Brides throwing cats (DC June 6 2015)


    For this Daily Create we were supposed to create a Bride throwing a cat to her bridesmaids, so that is exactly what I did. I took the picture from google images then started the editing through Picsart. I added a dog, who wants to eat the cat, I added several …

  2. plohn89

    Transportation (Daily create June 5, 2015)


    For this daily create we were supposed to create a clip of how we get around everyday. To get around everyday I use my feet and I also use my car, sometimes I used my bicycle, but most of my getting around is done through my feet either through walking …

  3. plohn89

    Daily create June 4th 2015



    Make something out of a circle.

    This Daily create was created through the app Picsart, it can be downloaded onto any tablet or any phone. As you can see I created a mess, it started as one big circle then split into many circles, some are easier to see …

  4. plohn89

    The Vignelli Cannon


    The Vignelli Cannon:

    The Article was very interesting and gave me new information about design that I had no idea about, I have never been a creative person, or a person that is good at design or any artsy stuff, Vignelli talks about the three different aspects of design that …

  5. plohn89

    What are they thinking DC 5/31/2015



    For this daily create we were supposed to choose one of the provided arrest photos and edit it, to create what they were thinking.

    I used a program called pics art to do this, I uploaded the pic, and then added the graphics.

    All this poor kid can think …

  6. plohn89

    Daily create 5/28/2015


    Create a poem from a past memory.

    Young and careless

    in the woods

    free spirit with no intention

    ohh I was 8 did I forget to mention

    bikes and hills don’t mix

    hills will play dirty tricks

    falling of oh how it hurts

    learned my lesson

    bikes and hills don’t …

  7. plohn89

    Missing puppy!! (Design assignment worth 3 stars)




    I think this was one of the more challenging assignments that I have created this far. I used the app pics art on my iPad. It was more challenging because I created everything separately then added it all together, I decided to go with different fonts on clues …

  8. plohn89

    “The dog did it”Design assignment (worth 3 stars)








    Above is the link where this design assignment was inspired. For this assignment I choose a picture of my living room, a place where I hangout everyday. I just so happened to capture a tv show in the background and it had a police

  9. plohn89

    Daily Create 1


    Its starts with a boring life

    NO Success

    NO Abilities

    NO Skills

    Then a small pill changes everything

    The pill allows most of the brain to be used and activated

    Then there is success, abilities, skills, everything that was not available before is now available.

    The pill takes its toll …

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