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    Best Advice to Future Students


    Here is the best advice I can give to you all that will be taking this course next semester or in the coming semesters. It is a fun course but demanding! So stay on top of the work and do not get behind or there will be CONSEQUENCES!! Good luck …

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    LAST Weekly Summary


    Final Project:

    For my final project I told a story about Winnie the Pooh’s journey in finding different types of Honey from around the world. He went to New Zealand, Norway, Greece, and Saudi Arabia. He found the most expensive honey in Saudi Arabia called Sidr Honey and he loved …

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    Winnie The Pooh Goes Around the World


    My final story is that  Winnie the Pooh goes on this long extravagant journey to search for some good honey. He travels around the world in search of it and after trying the different honey he bring back some for his friends Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore. So after his …

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    Tutorial Summary


    I created two tutorials, one of them I had done in the semester and the other one I made it now. I did a Draw it tutorial and in the post I explain exactly how you can make this assignment possible to do. The other tutorial is on King of …

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    Draw it Tutorial


    So for this tutorial all you have to do is pick a picture that you would like to change so it looks like some one drew it. First select a regular picture. Then in your search engine type in the following:   http://www.dumpr.net/. Here is the link to that website dumpr

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    Creating Assignments Summary


    I created two assignments one visual assignment and the other is a design assignment. I rated both assignments and the visual one is 3 stars and the design one is two stars. I thought it was interesting being the one to create the assignment instead of being the one to …

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    Make a Daytime Picture look like Night time


    I chose to make up a design assignment that I think is worth 2 stars. All you have to do is take a picture in the day time and use a program to change into a picture that looks like it was taken at night. Then put the two pictures …

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    I Spy Minions


    I created a Visual Assignment that is worth three stars. The reason why I made it three stars is because making the background can take some time and become tedious. Also being able to use the correct tools to make the picture just right can take some thought and trial …

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    Recycle the Media


    My story for this is people walking in the streets and sidewalks to get to the city to ride horses. I used the street sounds and 6 pictures that represented walking through the streets to get to the end destination. I used Windows Movie Maker to help combine the whole …

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    Movie Music Comparison—– can you score?


    For this assignment I used Madagascar’s soundtrack “I like to move it move it” and I used Happy Feet’s soundtrack “I’m bringing fluffy back.” I used audacity to blend the two songs together. Then I opened up Windows Movie Maker added two backgrounds one of Happy Feet and the other …

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    What is Remix???


    So after looking at the videos about remixing I feel like I have a better understanding. I do think that remixing is a way to be creative by mashing several things together in a way that flows to tell a story.

    The first video I watched is Everything is a

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    Final Project


    Step One: I really liked Winnie Pooh as a kid so I want to do my final project on him by using the different genres we have studied this semester.

    Step Two:

    Visual/Design: Give Winne the Pooh and friends the comic book effect

    Web: I’m going to do a change …

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    Watching Movies with the Stereo on

    Watching Movies with the Stereo on, in this assignment we had to mute the clip of a movie and add music to go along with the movie, here is the link. For some reason I was not able to look at any students work because they were not opening up…
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    Return to the Silent Era

    Return to the Silent Era, in this assignment we had to show a trailer and turn it to grayscale, make it olden day looking and lastly add music and sayings from the movie, and here is is the link. I watched the example given to us about Star Wars to…
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    Cooking Show

    Cooking Show, this assignment consisted of making a recipe in steps to the end product, and here is the link. None of the other students work opened up for me to look at but I got my idea from watching the food network. I enjoy cooking and wanted to feel…
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    The 70?s Show Circle

    That 70′s Show Circle, for this assignment we basically just had to talk about anything with a group of people and film there faces, and here is the link to the page. Nobody has done this assignment and the original does not load in youtube. As far as getting the…
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    Movies by Numbers

    Movies by Numbers, In this assignment we had to use a number and then things that are relevant to that number, and here is the link. Some students did the number 1 and added music and pictures that are relevant to that number. I chose this assignment because I think…
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    Lyric video Snippet

    Lyric video Snippet, in this assignment we were asked choose a small part of our favorite song and turn it into a music video using only the lyrics, and here is the link. I looked at the Katy Perry example given to us to get an idea of how to…
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    Week 10 Summaryyyy


    Available video tools:

    On my computer I have windows movie maker which I am familiar with for editing videos and I also have what I downloaded today which is the MPEG Stream clip which is not that difficult to use either. I also know how to use youtube pretty well …

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    Exploring The Pursuit of Happyness even moreeee


    Three interesting facts about the movie making from IMDb:

    The Pursuit of Happyness is based on a true story, Gross makings (worldwide): $304,850,102, and the Aspect Ratio is 2.35 : 1

    Genre: According to IMdb The movie The Pursuit of Happyness is categorized as a biography and drama this …

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    3 Techniques to Critiquing a Scene


    I analyzed the Pursuit of Happiness scene of Will Smith running to an Interview that he has in an office building. Mind you he is coming from painting a room so he is not dressed appropriately due to him running late. A lot of Ebert’s techniques are used such as …

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    Spring Break trip to Huntsville, Alabama


    I created my trip in Google Maps to Huntsville, Alabama. My friend I wanted to go there for our spring break so we drove from Fredericksburg, Virginia to Huntsville, Alabama. It was an 11 hour drive which was so long and exhausting but we were excited to get there. We …

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    faKebooking and Twisting


    In this assignment we were asked to make a fakebook and twist of a historical figure. I chose John F. Kennedy. He was the 35th president of the USA and he is my favorite president. He was a good president and very smart. He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald …

  24. ppatel2

    Self Evaluation


    My groups radio show here!!

    In our radio show I think the quality of audio sound is great. I think we did a great job blending all the sounds together and making sure the interviews were the most pronounced during the show. The sound is clear and you can understand …

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