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  1. Rachel McGuirk

    Cat Nap

    Like the rest of ds106, I participated in the Fat Cats Make Better Art Assignment.  However, to be fair, I did start this assignment last Tuesday when fellow ds106 pioneer Annie posted it. And to be fair I never touched … Continue reading
  2. Rachel McGuirk

    False Hope…

    Flikr Challenge: “Take a photo that represents confusion” Walking home from work today and saw these beauties out and blooming! Seems like someone is a little confused as to what month it is!  
  3. Rachel McGuirk


    Our professors are beginning a new romance. As young people continue to use emerging technologies in their personal lives, a large number of educators are finding ways to meaningfully integrate technologies in the classroom, and are falling in love. And … Continue reading
  4. Rachel McGuirk

    Das Maverick

    Professor Gardner Campbell a self-proclaimed maverick calls  our attention to a pressing matter. The Internet. For  most of us, we use the Internet to passively check-in on friends’ statuses and the LOL cats.  However, Campbell uses it as a tool of innovation, and … Continue reading

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