1. Rubynix

    Letter To Professor Ryan


    Dear Prof,

    While everyone is writing their last blog post, I decided my last post to be a letter to you. CT 101 class is nothing without you.

    The very first post I wrote in ct101.us was about how I found out about this class and enrolled in it because …

  2. Rubynix

    Here is my website



    The link above is my website. I have posted all my henna work I have done by far (or I have documented as pictures because let’s be honest, I have not taken pictures of half of my work T_T) and I don’t wish to just keep it only henna …

  3. Rubynix

    Appreciating fellow classmates’ Websites


    Being in CT 101 class, we all got to create our own website in the class and everyone came up with the best creative ideas. For weekly activity, we shared our websites with fellow classmates and checked each other’s posts. I made comments on few posts that I found extraordinary. …

  4. Rubynix

    Flat Universe Vapor Wave XD


    I have always had a little something against randomly putting things in my art work. For some reason I want things; that is under my control; to make sense. It may not serve the same purpose for others but I would know the back story if I don’t get to …

  5. Rubynix

    Vintage poster : Redefined


    This week our activity is to take a vintage travel poster and remix it with “CT 101” in it. I learned how to merge layers into one image and how to use the rectangular tool to fill and remove bits and parts of an image. It is a bit tricky …

  6. Rubynix

    My Inspiration


    As we are continuing GIF the portrait  activity from before, I was instructed to use portrait image of someone who inspires me. Take that image, load it in Photoshop and manipulate it by using different filters. It allows us to create different kind of GIFs by putting multiple frames into …

  7. Rubynix

    Visual Assignment – DS 106


    I am late to post this assignment so here I am!

    This is a late assignment submission using DS 106 Assignment Bank. Under the Visual assignments tab, we were assigned to create a post using multiple pictures of ourselves or someone we know and layer them in photoshop. The main …

  8. Rubynix

    The Million Dollar Question


    Since the beginning of meme culture, I have been a meme enthusiast. Half of my phone’s storage is memes of different kinds.

    Now Professor asked if memes are art or not. Many would think that memes are stupid and made for fun. People who don’t have time or an actual …

  9. Rubynix

    *Thinking about the class*


    I am an Information Systems Management undergrad and about to graduate this summer.

    But I had to take classes that would help me complete my credits. Choosing random classes was difficult and frustrating.

    But then someone mentioned about CT 101 and I was like :

    So I looked into CunyFirst …

  10. Rubynix

    The Animated Universe


    I grew up reading comic books of Batman, Superman, Justice League, Tin Tin, Phantom and many more. They were all paperback copies. As study pressure was increasing, I grew farther apart from them. I got other hobbies, did other things, or simply slept whenever I got time for myself. But …

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