1. s.maximin

    Red Paul Blogging Away……….


    You may want to know who is Red Paul ?

    Well let me just tell you red Paul is a fictional character within my story line today. Red Paul is what is known as a half mouse half red wolf, put it together and we have a mo-wolf. He has …

  2. s.maximin

    My First GIF Project !


    How was it ?

    Creating this first GIF project, was very different. When I say different I mean it was so many steps which I had to pay attention to in order not to miss anything. My professor and classmates helped me out through the process a lot. If it …

  3. s.maximin

    Are Memes Art ?


    Are Memes Art ? Let See……

    Memes are art ! Why you may ask ? Because art is the ability to take something and be creative with it and make it your own.

    Now look at this I took a picture from one of my favorite movies and added words …

  4. s.maximin

    Highlights From My First GIFs !!!!


    Highlights !!!

    Creating some of my first GIF ever was pretty exciting. One highlight was that I was able to learn how to make it move when I post it. Even though I did not get it on my first try the fact that I was able to learn from …

  5. s.maximin

    Making My First GIF ! (OMG)


    My First GIF

    When my professor said that our CT 101 class will create our first GIF, I was excited yet scared at first. I could not believe we was actually going to create our own but yet I was scared with all these ideas running through my head. But …

  6. s.maximin

    My First Post Ever In CT 101 !!!!!! (Exciting)


    What Makes Me Happy ?

    Hmm….What makes me happy is YouTube !! I just love the fact that if I need help with anything, and when I say anything I mean anything at all YouTube is my best friend. I remember when I was first going natural, like no perms …

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